Standalone solution secures Minova‘s independence after international carve-out

IT Carve-Out at Minova CarboTech

Minova CarboTech GmbH is a global manufacturer and supplier of securing and consolidation equipment for mining and infrastructure customers. Following the sale of Minova CarboTech GmbH, the key challenge was to successfully separate the company’s IT from the parent company within one year, to establish Minova as an independent organizational unit and to ensure the independence of its IT services. Due to the IT carve-out successfully implemented with valantic, Minova now not only has an independent IT infrastructure, but also additional IT resources that accelerate processes and sustainably increase the company’s productivity.

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The key challenge was to successfully decouple Minova from its parent company Orica within a year, establish the company as an independent organizational unit, and ensure the independence of IT services.

Consulting Approach

The core of the consulting service was the support of an international and thus complex IT carve-out project, whereby the focus was on the spin-off of the sold parts of the company. This project was accompanied by organizational challenges, which primarily concerned the decoupling of the existing IT systems and the establishment of a new IT landscape.

Customer Benefit and Solution

The result of the project represents an independent IT infrastructure built from scratch as an attractive standalone solution.

William Carradine, CIO, Minova CarboTech GmbH

William Carradine
CIO, Minova CarboTech GmbH

”The complete carve-out and change of IT systems were a major challenge with minimal resources and a high employee turnover at the time, making responsibilities unclear. We are grateful to have had the right partner on board from the beginning till the end: INTARGIA Managementberatung GmbH, who – without hesitation and with agility – contributed with full power and expertise to support the coordination, structuring, and delivery of this project and achieve outstanding successful results.““

Stephan Herteux, Director and Member of the Executive Board at valantic Management Consulting GmbH

Stephan Herteux
Director and Member of the Executive Board INTARGIA Managementberatung GmbH

”We succeeded in setting up IT that had not existed before. The project required a lot of tact. Our consultants were always on hand to give the customer advice and support, which is why we were on site most of the time to provide the best possible support. The result: a flawless standalone solution and a satisfied customer.“

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About Minova CarboTech GmbH

Minova CarboTech GmbH, originally part of the Orica Group, is considered a leading global manufacturer and supplier of basic equipment for mining and infrastructure. The company‘s products include steel, cementitious products and resin chemicals.

With 13 production sites, 18 sales offices worldwide and around 1,000 employees, the company generated sales of approximately 300 million euros in fiscal 2020.

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The entire IT was largely managed by the parent company Orica, Minova itself had only four IT resources in the company.

Due to the associated responsibilities, there were no clear responsibilities and consequently no defined contact persons. In addition, time zone differences (Germany – Australia – USA) made fast and seamless communication difficult. For this reason, and to avoid any delays, communication had to be set up in a particularly structured manner and clearly regulated.

The replacement of the IT systems and the associated separation from the parent company had to be completed within a specified period of one year. Since the part of the company to be spun off cannot usually operate independently, but first has to be built up into an independent organizational unit, this timeframe, in conjunction with the associated legal and organizational requirements, was a challenge.

The situation was made even more difficult by the absence of employees due to the pandemic, which had an additional negative impact on the project.

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Solutions and Results in Detail

INTARGIA – a valantic company was commissioned to support the customer for a year in setting up its own independent IT. With an IT carve-out approach, the IT originally managed by Orica was to be replaced and the associated services passed on to external service providers. By building a strong project organization, our experts were able to implement the IT separation in just 12 months.

The goal was to ensure that the project ran smoothly and efficiently, which is why our experts were always on site to guarantee the best possible support for the customer.

As an approach, our consultants chose project management with a classic selection process. This means that infrastructure, ERP, HR software and system solutions were replaced by others, such as Lotus Notes.

In this way, valuable resources were created that ensured Minova‘s IT independence. The company now has its own sustainably established systems that enable continuous communication and the smooth running of business processes.

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Benefits for the Company

Minova‘s independence from its original parent company enables smoother IT operations and less complicated communication.

Responsibilities can now be better planned and managed over the long term. It also ensures stability and reliability of IT systems, which in the long term will help the company seize potential growth opportunities, serve changes in market demand and be more resilient to crises.

As a result of the carve-out, Minova now has additional IT resources that accelerate processes and increase the company‘s productivity, which also results in long-term benefits.

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Success Story: Minova

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