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Solutions for Service Industry

On the path to becoming a service company

Today we call ourselves a service company — and not without reason, for the service industry has become increasingly important. The service industry in Germany is the largest and fastest-growing economic sphere. With an employment rate of more than 70%, it is one of the most important labor-political sectors and makes the largest contribution to gross domestic product. In 2016 alone, according to the German Federal Statistics Office, it amounted to nearly EUR 2 billion.

What characterizes the service industry is, among other things, the high deployment of personnel with low consumption of resources. Service providers and service are inextricably linked here. Whether an improvement of the quality of life for private demand or the improvement of competitive ability for companies – the service sector addresses many different areas.

The challenge

The dynamic of digitalization particularly affects production-related services with strategic significance for company success such as software development and research & development. With increasing digitalization, therefore, many new topics will arise, with which we will be glad to assist you.


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