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Our proven, high-throughput platforms improve automation levels in trading, workflow and payments management by reducing manual intervention up to 95%.

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Data centric automated workflow that takes Electronic Trading to the next level.

valantic FSA in Electronic Trading

Electronic Trading is coming to dominate all asset classes and instrument types. Traders therefore need the right tools to act quickly and with greater precision.

We combine a deep understanding of capital market workflows with next generation technology. We create powerful information highways that re-connect fragmented Trading Workflows, simplify complexity and empower fully digitized client interactions.

Increase compliance, lower risk and reduce cost with automated workflows and processes.

valantic FSA in Transaction Automation

Straight-Through Processing is standard operating procedure in Capital Markets, but the cost of “the last mile” is too high. We augment your STP operations by bridging different standards like FIX and SWIFT and connecting front office to back office, to deliver powerful, exceptions-based automated workflows. This means that inefficient middle office silos can be effectively eradicated.

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Client centricity is at the heart of everything we do ...

... and the commitment to constantly evolve is in our DNA.
Build information superhighways from the value streams within your firm
Apply your own IP to customize your valantic FSA solutions
Become more competitive through better insight
Permanently lower your market participation costs
Rely on proven and robust engineering at scale
Rely on our total commitment to client outcomes and partnerships
Accelerate your pace of innovation

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