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2022 & 2023

valantic FSA operates at the heart of the financial industry, enabling our customers to flexibly buy and build powerful Electronic Trading, Payments, and Enterprise Data capabilities, resulting in reduced complexity and increased efficiency - driving the financial industry with smarter automation.

Transform what's possible in Electronic Trading

Data centric automated workflows

The adoption of automation in capital markets is the answer to the persistent demand for higher efficiency, which has been met by the capabilities of emerging technologies.

valantic FSA provides electronic trading solutions that are built on robust technologies and backed by a track record of innovation proven by our long-standing and continued partnerships with clients.

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Transform what’s possible in Payments Automation

Increase compliance, lower risk and reduce cost

Payments are the veins and arteries of any business. They are integral to its health. Yet many organizations persist with outdated payment systems, failing to take advantage of the next generation of technological innovations that are transforming the industry.

The exact approach to payments modernization often differs from market to market but is underpinned by a number of common pillars – valantic FSA Payments Automation simplifies the complex challenges for instant payments, cross-border payments interoperability, and ISO 20022 migration.

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Client centricity is at the heart of everything we do ...

… and the commitment to constantly evolve is in our DNA.

Build information superhighways from the value streams within your firm.

Apply your own IP to customize your valantic FSA solutions.

Become more competitive through better insight.

Permanently lower your market participation costs.

Rely on proven and robust engineering at scale.

Rely on our total commitment to client outcomes and partnerships.

Accelerate your pace of innovation.

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Our Electronic Trading and Payments Automation systems are the go-to for many firms including:

Evolve your business automation.

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