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Fenix Outdoor AB teamed up with valantic

With rapid expansion, Fenix Outdoor AB’s employee count surged from 200 to 2,500. New retail stores and growing workforce complexity necessitated enhanced infrastructure support. The existing system proved inadequate, prompting Fenix Outdoor AB to seek valantic’s expertise. Their objective: a comprehensive service desk solution, streamlining support processes, and improving the overall support experience.


The results at a glance

  • more effective retail support performance
  • data-based decision-making and increased employee satisfaction
  • reduction of previous support operational costs by 50 %

About Fenix Outdoor AB

Fenix Outdoor is a renowned international group of outdoor companies, offering a diverse range of sustainable, high-quality products for outdoor living and recreation. With a commitment to minimizing environmental impact and ensuring functionality and durability, Fenix Outdoor’s brands, including Fjällräven, Tierra, Primus, Hanwag, Brunton, and Royal Robbins, are trusted by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

The company is listed on Nasdaq OMX, Stockholm, and operates via two business segments: Brands and Retail. Through their stores in Sweden, Finland, Germany, and Denmark, as well as their online platforms, Fenix Outdoor caters to customers seeking premium outdoor gear.


The challenge

The rapid expansion and acquisitions at Fenix Outdoor AB have led to a substantial increase in the employee count, soaring from 200 to 2,500 employees. The company’s growing workforce and new retail stores created a complex environment that outpaced the existing support system. With increasing support cases and escalating responsibilities, managing the situation became a challenge. Employees found themselves spending valuable time triaging and handling support-related tasks.

To streamline and improve support quality, Fenix Outdoor AB partnered with valantic. Their objective was to implement a comprehensive service desk support system, serving as a centralized hub for all team members and taking the lead in visualizing, measuring, and improving the overall support experience.

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The solution

Together with valantic, Fenix Outdoor AB mapped out their digital and in-store support requirements. To facilitate faster adoption, an incremental implementation approach was chosen. Initially, valantic only provided Level 1 support during business hours for a single eCommerce platform.

Later on, these services were expanded to 24/7 CX monitoring and support for all 2,500 Fenix Outdoor AB employees. The comprehensive support solution includes advanced ticketing and communication technology, along with features such as Quality of Service dashboards and cost optimization. The objective was clear: to both enhance support quality, boost operational efficiency and increase employee satisfaction.
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Client benefits of the support solution by valantic

valantic propelled Fenix Outdoor AB’s support operations into the future, empowering them to reach new heights in customer and employee satisfaction. By streamlining support processes and slashing operational costs by 50 percent, Fenix Outdoor AB now enjoys a support infrastructure that’s as agile as the outdoor adventurers purchasing their products.

With valantic by their side, they were able to harness the potential to provide exceptional support while maximizing productivity and unleashing their true potential in the great outdoors.
Laptop with image
Laptop with image

Christian Bader
CIO Fenix Outdoor International

”Working with valantic, we can now deliver a dramatically improved experience to our employees and end-users and provide amazing support that sets us apart from the competition.“


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