The new Sales Platform on SAP Hybris and with a new User-oriented Design

coop@home - New Sales Platform with the SAP Commerce Cloud

coop@home – an Online Supermarket on SAP Hybris technology and with adapted user-centered design for easy delivery to your home.

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A unique Shopping Experience

More and more people are buying their groceries online in order to save time, money, and energy. Coop has been offering its customers this special service for 15 years: With coop@home, you can order products easily from home or on the road and have them delivered right to your door. Meanwhile, approximately 13,000 everyday products and more than 1200 specialty wines are available on the e commerce platform. And the product line keeps expanding.

Starting now, Coop gives its Customers even more Time.

Time to spend with family and friends, play sports, discover nature, cook, enjoy.

With the relaunch of this commerce cloud, buying food can be handled more intuitively, easily, and faster. This way, customers of coop@home have more time for the beautiful things in life – now as before, with the promise that the products are available at any time and the prices are reliable. As Coop’s E commerce partner, valantic in partnership with cxpartners London was responsible for the development and redesign of coop@home.

Based on SAP Hybris Commerce, valantic completely refreshed the online shop coop@home both technically and visually.

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Designed for Customers

The User-oriented View ensures a Shopping Experience that makes People happy.

The new Technology for coop@home

SAP Hybris Commerce – The Platform

Coop wanted a scalable platform that can be used as toolbox for other shops and with which it is possible to maintain the product master data and catalog data centrally – for all channels and all systems.

  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Product Content Management (PCM)
  • Hybris Management Console (HMC)
  • Backoffice Admin Area
  • Reporting-Console


Buy Food around the Clock. Regardless of what Time it is, where you are, and what Device you’re using.

The mobile app for iOS and Android was developed anew from scratch and has all the functions of the Web version. And because the data comes from the Internet, it is always the same.

The app was connected to the SAP Hybris platform, the App Store, and Web services; it is based on the Appcelerator technology. It is extremely stable, robust, and quick, and offers the entire coop@home product line.

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Device-independent Use

Thanks to the interplay of Web and app, customers can also stop and continue their purchases on different devices. Thus, for example, it is possible to start shopping on a smartphone, then add more products on a desktop PC and then pay using the iPad.

From the Idea to Training

Process analysis

The existing flows were analyzed and adapted to the organization jointly with Coop.

Constant availability of products

Start-up and incorporation of warning systems so that high availability of products can be guaranteed.


Establishment of expertise in handling of master data and catalog maintenance, promotions, campaigns, and data hub, support levels 1-3.

Services at a Glance

  • Overall project management and coordination
  • Back-end development for SAP Hybris
  • Integration into surrounding systems (Google, recommendations) and real-time integration
  • Front-end development and incorporation into online shop
  • Design development
  • UI/UX: Questionnaires, usability and user experience texts, usability consulting
  • Mobile app development
  • Development of warning systems
  • Change management
  • Trainings
  • UI/UX

Your Contact

Portrait of Alexander Zoulkowski, Head of Operations at valantic CEC Switzerland

Alexander Zoulkowski

Head of Operations at valantic CEC Switzerland