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Conversational AI | Success Story Toyota | eCare Bot

Conversational AI at Toyota improves customer service

Relaxed: "eCare" voice bot helps Toyota drivers when the red warning lights come on

The company: Toyota Motor Corporation

The Japanese Toyota Motor Corporation is a multinational company that produces at 51 locations in 26 countries worldwide, in addition to the twelve Japanese plants. In 2020, Toyota produced about 9.53 million vehicles, making it the world’s largest car manufacturer in terms of production figures, ahead of Volkswagen AG. According to the Forbes Global 2000 list, Toyota is the tenth largest listed company in the world, and it employs a total of more than 370,000 people (as of 2022).

The company, founded in 1937, is investing heavily in e-mobility and customer eCare and is one of the digital pioneers in the industry.

The challenge

Optimize customer service and experience in the event of error messages

Consulting approach

Proactive communication and digital service using Conversational AI

Customer benefit and solution

The service sustainably strengthens the relationship of trust between customer, vehicle and dealer. It also reduces the workload on staff and eliminates waiting times.

Six benefits at a glance

Increase customer confidence and make customers more loyal

Save time for dealers: 20 minutes/case

Rapid payback

Unburdening of staff, no wait times for customers

Increase in sales at Toyota dealers

Damage to the vehicle is avoided

Processchart eCare Bot - Conversational AI at Toyota

The workflow at a glance: For example, customer service eCare handles incoming emergency messages based on Cognigy.AI and text-to-speech service and contacts the affected driver and the relevant Toyota dealer in a timely manner (source: valantic).

Your way to the Conversational AI project

Free initial consultation
  • Identify use cases
  • Determine implementation strategy
  • Agree next steps
Workshop (1+ PT)
  • Detailed info on CAI
  • Collection of ideas
  • Concretization of wishes and goals
  • Design and conception of Conversational AI
Development of a prototype (5+ PT)
  • Preparation of training sets
  • Training of NLU (Natural Language Understanding)
Finalization of Conversational AI (10+ PT)
  • Further development of training sets and NLU
  • Integration into existing systems
  • Monitoring and management of the productive Conversational AI

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