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State-Of-The-Art 3D Configurator Powered by Magento 2

Maschinenbau Feld wanted to continue to let its customers order its products seamlessly from its online store. Consequently, after the end-of-life of Magento 1, the family business strove for continuity by remaining with the already proven store solution and upgrading to Magento 2. Maschinenbau Feld partnered with valantic to implement the move to the new platform. Besides realizing a number of optimization measures, other notable enhancements in the project included two newly developed 3D configurators.

Feld employee during welding work
Feld machine valantic

The Challenge

During the move to the new platform, the family business also wanted to optimize various e-commerce functions. Our customer’s overall requirements therefore consisted of:

  • Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2
  • Optimizing website performance
  • Conceptualizing and implementing a new design
  • Improving usability
  • Developing 3D configurators for an enhanced customer experience
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Solutions & Results

The valantic team collaborated closely with Maschinenbau Feld to devise technical solutions tailored to their needs. One of the project’s highlights was the realization with the Hyvä theme which was implemented in its entirety:

  • Hyvä Theme: The project, implemented based on Hyvä, supports a new front-end theme with a much leaner architecture, thus realizing multiple benefits. These include, for example, direct access to Magento without a web API, as well as outstanding performance. The minimalist strategy also offers the store operator considerable advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness compared to other PWA solutions.
  • SEO consulting: The web store was analyzed from various perspectives to improve search engine visibility and conversion rates. The findings then served as the basis for a future online marketing strategy, including content creation. Harmful backlinks and duplicate content were also identified and rectified.
  • Replatforming: By migrating to the latest Magento version Magento 2.4.3, Maschinenbau Feld now benefits from a scalable and secure store solution.
  • Data migration: Using valantic’s proprietary MIGRON® data migration tool, all the data could be migrated quickly and safely in just a few minutes before going live.
  • Interfaces: Various tools can be connected directly to the online store across dedicated interfaces. One such example is an interface developed to facilitate data exchange between Magento and the merchandise management system, allowing Feld’s customers to benefit from automated order updates.
  • Hosting: Our partner, maxcluster, offers a flexible cloud solution that provides for reliable scaling and growth of the digital platform, optimally positioning Maschinenbau Feld to step up its internationalization strategy.
  • Usability: valantic enhanced the online store’s user experience by introducing a new navigation structure. As a result, customers now select their desired products based on shape rather than material.
Figur Feld
  • Design: The new design employs generous white space and crisp colors imparting a distinctly modern aesthetic. The texts have been reformatted for consistency and the header has received a facelift. The cookie consent banner has also been toned down to make it less obtrusive for users.
  • Page Builder: With Magento’s proprietary content management system, Maschinenbau Feld’s employees can now create and maintain content autonomously on the e-commerce platform.
  • Gallery: Enhanced features, such as the “gallery function”, depict example customer products, helping shoppers better envision how their orders might be used in real life.
  • Search: The integration of Elasticsearch facilitates swift and efficient searching on the e-commerce platform. At the same time, a direct database connection expedites data retrieval, offering near real-time responses to customers’ search queries.
  • Contact form: The former contact form of Maschinenbau Feld’s online store has also been improved, making it even easier to contact the family business than before.
  • Checkout: Maschinenbau Feld serves customers in Germany and six other European countries. Enhanced functionalities now provide a tailored checkout experience, displaying estimated delivery costs, including country-specific VAT, directly in the shopping cart.
  • Payment service providers: By integrating many popular PSPs into the e-commerce platform, customers can choose from numerous payment options, including PayPal, credit card, and Klarna.

Special Feature of the Feld Online Shop

Addition of Two Innovative 3D Configurators

To optimize the customer experience, two cutting-edge 3D configurators were developed and implemented for the online store. Offering customers unparalleled freedom to design their products, the configurators allow shoppers to create their desired products in real-time with customized dimensions and to view them from different perspectives.

The first configurator, for sheet metal edgings, generates a 3D preview upon specifying the metal type, dimensions, and desired profiles. The second configurator, for individual cut-outs, lets customers create different punch-outs, shapes, and grooves in selected sheet metal, all in real-time.

Field sheet metal sculpture

About Maschinenbau Feld

For over 30 years, Maschinenbau Feld has been supplying screws, small iron products, and numerous other metal and steel items to customers in the B2B and B2C sectors. The mid-market manufacturer is renowned for its ability to fulfill custom orders and for its dimensionally accurate cutting. Maschinenbau Feld has a 1,000-square-meter production facility in Eitorf, near Bonn, where it performs the machining and processing quickly and directly on-site.

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