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Authorization trace for SAP CRM at RWZ: Set up and manage roles more efficiently

Less effort, more security with apm atlantis

Project goal

The project at a glance

The great challenge in SAP CRM was the widely varying authorization requirements of the sales groups and business areas of RWZ. In addition, the organizational data, such as sales area data in SAP CRM, was not available for derivation. Until now, the continuous maintenance of roles and authorizations has always involved considerable effort due to its high complexity. For this reason, RWZ was looking for a secure SAP solution that would implement the company’s authorization requirements efficiently and in compliance with the law.


The requirements for the new solution included:

  • Creation of master roles and definition of own derivation values using authorization trace
  • Automatic check for critical transactions
  • Significantly simplified role administration
  • Einfache und sichere Vergabe und Verwaltung von Zugriffsrechten


With SAP CRM, RWZ Rhein-Main eG (RWZ) is well positioned to manage its customer relationships. Through the additional use of the GRC solution apm atlantis from valantic, the cooperative can particularly quickly meet the different authorization requirements of sales groups and business areas in SAP CRM. Possible risks due to critical authorizations can now be identified in advance.

Authorization trace quickly sums up requirements

The convenient authorization trace in apm atlantis proved to be a great advantage not only for day-to-day business, but also for setting up the new authorization roles: By creating master roles and defining your own derivation values, a large number of dependent roles were generated in a short time. Compared to SAP standard options, a great deal of effort was saved here.

Reduce the daily administration effort

The effort for role and authorization maintenance could be reduced many times over. The authorization analysis has also been considerably simplified by the optimized execution of the authorization trace.

Check critical authorizations in advance

Possible risks due to inadvertently wrongly assigned critical authorizations can no longer even arise at RWZ. To this end, the cooperative checks in advance with apm atlantis whether critical authorizations exist when creating or changing a role. Clear notifications allow the allocation of the relevant authorisations at any time in accordance with GRC guidelines.

Benefits for the RWZ

Accelerated Initial Authorization Setup in SAP CRM

Faster assignment of authorizations

Simplified authorization analysis through optimized authorization trace

Prevention of risks by checking critical authorizations

User-friendly handling

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