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KNAPP AG optimizes its supply chain with APS system wayRTS

Optimization of planning organization and planning processes

KNAPP group provides all-in-one solutions for automation and digitalization, from production and distribution to the point of sale. The technology partner, headquartered in Austria, develops and manufactures intelligent warehouse systems using the latest solutions in digitalization, software, automation and robotics. Because customers in industries such as healthcare, fashion, retail, food retail, and industry require individual solutions to manage their complex intralogistics processes, KNAPP’s business is project-driven. In order to reduce order throughput times, optimally utilize capacities, and increase on-time delivery, the company continuously improves its planning organization and processes. The APS system wayRTS plays a central role in this.

Results & customer benefit

Cross-divisional process understanding, joint control of production

Rapid deployment of basic principles for management decisions thanks to scenario simulation

Transparency of supply chains with controlled defective part management

Central scheduling through order management

End-to-end control with KPIs

Detailed deadlines and worklists

If components are available too early, it must be clarified whether an earlier delivery to the construction site is possible or whether additional storage space for buffering the materials is required. Although wayRTS only plans until the handover to dispatch, the people responsible for installation at the customer’s site benefit from the transparency of upstream processes.

Project demand is the trigger, but does not restrict planning

As an important optimization approach, it was clear to KNAPP from the transparent planning that its parts production is now 100% anonymous. The trigger is always a specific project requirement, but in production the parts are combined into optimal batches that combine requirements for several projects. In assembly, 5% are treated anonymously in this way, the remaining 95% are assigned.

Important advantages that KNAPP enjoys since it started using APS system wayRTS:

  1. Mass processing and anonymous production

  2. Better overview of production processes

  3. User-configurable views

  4. Easier to learn than SAP PPS

  5. Efficient defective part assessment and tracking of the required measures throughout the entire process chain

  6. Precise shift scheduling

  7. Better scalability

  8. Multi-user / multi-plant capability

  9. Adaptable to process changes in production

Mockup Reference KNAPP AG, APS System wayRTS by valantic
Reference: KNAPP AG optimizes its SCM with APS system wayRTS

Read in our reference report how KNAPP AG achieved maximum transparency in planning and stability in processes thanks to the APS system wayRTS.

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