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Strategic Consulting for the Mechanical & Plant Engineering Industry

Discrete Manufacturing Industries (DMI)

Mechanical & plant engineering is one of the world-famous key industry’s of the German economy – celebrated for its top quality, precision and efficiency. Germany is the world’s largest exporter of machinery, ahead of China, the USA and Japan (source: VDMA – Federation of German Mechanical & Plant Engineering), and its mechanical engineering is among the most innovative industrial sectors worldwide. In fact, every second engineer works either in research, development or construction – and very successfully, too, since Germany is the world champion in patents (document available in German only).

But top global positions are not a matter of course, and a great deal of effort is needed to defend and maintain this standing in what is a highly competitive environment. Globally growing, but also increasingly volatile, markets pose challenges for mechanical & plant engineering, with e-mobility, energy efficiency and sustainability set to become increasingly important criteria in future.  

Disruptive changes are pervading supply chains, as well as business models and service models, while innovative technologies such as Industry 4.0, process automation, networked supply chains, smart production, artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive maintenance are opening up profitable opportunities – ones that the mechanical engineering & discrete manufacturing (DMI) sector must exploit if it wishes to remain world leader in future.  

The far-reaching industry experience and extensive know-how of valantic’s consultants help you consolidate your leading position, strengthen existing client relationships, conquer new markets and acquire new customers. Industry 4.0 and Smart Production are the mega topics here, and these trends and solutions will be decisive for your future success:

Trends and Solutions for the Mechanical & Plant Engineering Industry

The smart factory vision stands for a highly interconnected and hyper-automated company that responds flexibly and with agility to market changes, systematically exploits market opportunities for its immediate benefit, and incorporates e.g. feedback from individual customers directly into its planning and production processes (direct feedback loop).

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