Leveraging portfolio value

Value Creation Strategy & Roadmap

We develop successful strategies and roadmaps for growth, value enhancement, and unlocking efficiency potentials in portfolio companies.

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A clear roadmap for
unlocking potential.

Our strategic experts help businesses unlock their full potential through clear strategic planning and prioritization of execution measures. Working closely with investors, shareholders and portfolio companies, we identify growth opportunities, optimize operations, and create long-term value for stakeholders.

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Potential Analysis

Our potential analysis identifies value creation potentials and potential multiple drivers upon exit. This includes the digitalization of marketing and sales, process automation and performance improvements and – if possible – the extension or transformation of the current business model. The quantification of potentials based on bandwidths allow for a transparent “uplift estimate” and a clear focus on the most important value enhancement levers.

Project examples:

  • Analysis of digital marketing and sales potentials
  • Process and cost cutting potential analysis
  • Business model transformation (e.g. from BPO to digital platform)
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Value Creation Roadmap

Many value creation strategies fail due to a clear and effective implementation. To ensure effective implementation, we quantify and prioritize potential value creation levers with relevant stakeholders. Based upon this prioritization, we plan concrete implementation measures, including objectives, procedures and effort estimates. These measures are anchored on a roadmap and a 100-day-plan, including milestones, deliverables and responsibilities.

Project examples: 

  • Value Creation Potential & Transformation Roadmap 
  • Post Merger Integration Roadmap for Buy-and-Build Concept
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Product Roadmap

Software, platform and digital business models require a concise and realistic roadmap for digital product development. Together with internal stakeholders, we design a clear product vision, derive the resulting use cases and IT requirements and develop a technical target architecture as well as a technical implementation concept. In addition to the necessary projects and milestones, the technical implementation roadmap includes a reliable resource and personnel planning, including any necessary support from external service providers. 

Project examples: 

  • Technical implementation roadmap, organizational and resource planning for the expansion of existing product portfolio
  • Product and technical integration roadmap as part of a post merger integration (PMI)
  • Product roadmap for the transformation from on-premise to SaaS business models
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Data Strategy

Harnessing the potential of data can be crucial for unlocking hidden value within a portfolio company. We identify use cases and monetization potential for data, including new business models and opportunities to steer current operations towards greater efficiency and profitability. To establish effective data management practices, we create comprehensive strategies for data governance, data quality assurance, and data security

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Supply Chain, Purchasing, and ESG Strategies

On the basis of comprehensive benchmarking, we develop quantitative and qualitative value enhancement potential in the areas of supply chain management (SCM), purchasing, and sustainability in an opportunity assessment. In alignment with the overarching corporate strategy, we develop supply chain, purchasing, and sustainability strategies accordingly. A roadmap with pragmatic measures for realization ensures the implementation of the identified potentials, including concrete milestones, deliverables, and responsibilities.

Your contacts for value creation
strategy & roadmap

Florian Holzmann, Partner & Managing Director, valantic Division Smart Industries

Florian Holzmann

Partner & Managing Director

valantic Division Smart Industries

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Purchasing
  • Sustainability
  • Operational DD

Daniel Krzyzak

Partner & Managing Director

valantic Division Digital Strategy & Analytics

  • Enterprise IT
  • IT Infrastructure
  • IT Carve Out
  • IT PMI
Daniel Tschentscher, Partner and Managing Director valantic

Daniel Tschentscher

Partner & Managing Director

valantic Division Digital Strategy & Analytics

  • Digital Transformation
  • Strategy
  • Value Creation
  • Growth Initiatives