Cloud-based ticketing system for AMC

A clear view of what matters

As a leading supplier of high-quality cookware, AMC brings good taste to every kitchen. valantic implemented a lean and powerful SAP Service Cloud for the premium supplier. A cloud-based ticketing system provides an improved overview and makes workflows more efficient and productive.

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Results at a glance

  • implementation of an SAP Service Cloud within the framework of an MVP (minimum viable product)
  • development of a ticket management system with automated e-mail routing
  • provision of reporting options
  • improved tracking of the customer journey
  • focus on usability and the user-centric approach in close collaboration with key users

About AMC

AMC is a leading supplier of high-quality cookware. For more than 55 years, the company has followed the principle “Eat better, live better”. For a healthy and enjoyable approach to cooking and nutrition, AMC has been offering premium cookware and smart cooking systems through direct sales since 1963.

In addition to its headquarters in Switzerland, the company has production facilities in Europe and a strong presence with its own market organization in various countries. In addition to high-quality cookware, AMC is also known for the AMC Food Lab and recipe communities in several languages.

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The challenge

With the introduction of a new SAP Service Cloud, AMC wanted to create a clear overview of processes and structures together with valantic. The aim: make internal processes more efficient, make information easier to evaluate, and ensure a more agile adaptation of services and products to market requirements. Always with an eye on: the digitalization of everyday workflows in customer service and customer communication with a simultaneous increase in efficiency and the associated reduction in internal costs.

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The solution

Within the scope of the MVP, valantic implemented an SAP Service Cloud that was as lean as it was powerful. At its core was a strong ticketing system with e-mail integration, which enabled manual ticketing of telephone enquiries as well as reporting options.

  • Unique: Whereas previously users worked in Outlook and SAP ERP, the project included the integration of the ERP system. This means that gradually, the entire customer communication and all customer information are migrated to the Service Cloud.
  • The advantage of this is that the new system enables employees to obtain a precise overview of information, for instance in the context of warranty processing.
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Other user benefits

  • improved overview of current tickets
  • direct access, independent of time and place
  • increased efficiency and productivity
  • better traceability of the customer journey
  • documentation of service requests directly in the ticketing system
  • transparent customer history available at any time across departments
Portrait of Mirko Stridde, Head of SAP at AMC

Mirko Stridde
Head of SAP at AMC

With the introduction of the SAP Service Cloud, we as AMC want to take the first step towards customer centricity and the customer journey. The aim is to gain a 360-degree view of our customers, which will help us to tailor our offerings even more precisely to each individual customer. We are convinced that we have found exactly the right partner in valantic to accompany us on this journey.

Portrait of Anja Vennekold, Head of Customer Service at AMC

Anja Vennekold
Head of Customer Service

The collaboration with valantic was a very cooperative one right from the start. I particularly appreciate the well-structured approach – from the very first exchange to the design of a service cloud ticketing system that suits us. Working with valantic is simply fun.

The project in detail

At the beginning of the project, joint analysis and concept workshops were held with the relevant AMC departments. In the course of this exchange, existing weak points were identified, and important requirements for the future system were specified.

It quickly became clear that a lack of efficiency in the workflows was the main cause of the problems. Neither clients nor internal teams were sufficiently informed about the overall processes, which also affected documentation and reporting.

The goal was thus soon defined: a ticketing system that would significantly facilitate the internal processing of service requests. The focus was always on maximum usability in line with valantic’s tried and tested user-centered approach.

The result was highly satisfactory for all sides: a powerful, yet easy-to-use ticketing system that noticeably improves the efficiency of internal processes.

What does the future hold? Since the system has been kept particularly lean and simple on the basis of the jointly developed requirements, it will now be expanded step by step in further stages.

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