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Image of a child picking an apple, wind turbines in the background; Customer Typology for Mainzer Stadtwerke

Customer Typology for Mainzer Stadtwerke

Mainzer Stadtwerke: The Regional Energy Supplier in Mainz and the Mainz Region. 24/7. 365 Days a Year.

Whether you turn on the tap or the heating in the morning, switch on the toaster or take the bus: The “M” is always there, representing the Mainzer Stadtwerke companies and all their business areas – from local public transport to electricity, gas and heat to renewable energies. As a municipal company, Mainzer Stadtwerke AG, with its many subsidiaries and holdings, brings together a wide variety of utility, infrastructure and mobility service providers. With over 1,700 employees, they supply over 370,000 inhabitants in the Mainz region, the district of Gross-Gerau and parts of Rheinhessen with electricity, gas, water, heat, public mobility and supplementary technical services.


Synergies were not being exploited due to Mainzer Stadtwerke’s lack of a uniform, group-wide view of its customers.

Consulting Approach

Development of a uniform group-wide customer typology with the help of the “INTARGIA Customer Typology Builder”.

Solution & Benefits for the Customer

Development of a uniform customer understanding to strengthen customer centricity and exploit existing synergies (cross-selling, product and service innovations, greater customer satisfaction).

The Mainzer Stadtwerke customer typology was developed in an iterative process in which, in the course of regular review and feedback loops, the various customer types developed with INTARGIA Customer Typology Builder were evaluated, quantified, and optimized in cooperation with the experts and chief executives of the group companies.

In the closing Consolidation phase, four final customer typologies were evaluated and signed off with the chief executives and board of directors.

Image of a child picking an apple, wind turbines in the background; Customer Typology for Mainzer Stadtwerke
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