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Digital Transformation in the Utilities Sector: Process Optimization and Customer Satisfaction Improvement

A clear strategy and digital tools enable a 50% reduction in process cycle time and significantly increase customer satisfaction.

A leading network operator in the utilities sector (annual turnover of 500 million Euros) is responsible for constructing and operating the entire network system for electricity, natural gas, water, and district heating in a significant German city and its surroundings. With this central task, the company ensures reliable supply for the population and local businesses.


Complexity and massive delays in the network connection process, lack of transparency and digital infrastructure are exacerbated by additional organizational and external challenges leading to dissatisfaction among customers and employees.

Consulting Approach

A comprehensive current state analysis, the design of target processes, modeling responsibilities and interfaces, and introduction of digital tools and individual coaching to support the change process.

Solution and Benefits

Efficiency gains from implementing digital tools and enhanced internal communication result in 50% shorter processing times and improve the quality of customer advice. Digital tools catalyzed the change for the benefit of customers and employees.

In addition, the sunk costs of planning were reduced by having customers confirm a target date in advance and obliging them to cover all planning costs if they do not meet all pre-installation requirements. The introduction of the digital construction file contributes to sustainability. It catalyzes digital change by digitizing the storage of all documents and data, minimizing coordination efforts, enabling home office work, and saving significant amounts of paper.

The project was celebrated on the customer side as a “milestone of digitization” and promoted in internal workshops and videos as an example of successful digital change.

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Daniel Tschentscher

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