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Using the best cloud services for maximum benefit

Companies that use the cloud enjoy a variety of tangible competitive advantages and market differentiations. The public cloud drives digitalization, reduces overall IT costs, and shortens deployment times for new applications from months to just a few days.

The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art

Successful cloud migration with services and solutions from valantic

Business applications in the cloud can also be scaled with almost unlimited flexibility – up and down, as needed, and automatically, generating further cost benefits. An example from everyday business practice: At peak times, such as for Christmas and the summer sales in retail, or for new product launches in industry, expensive IT resources do not have to be kept in reserve for the rest of the year. They are added “on demand” and only incur costs for the booked period – they scale automatically.

valantic’s consultants have decades of experience with successfully implemented cloud projects. They work closely with their customers to design custom cloud strategies that optimize added value over the long term. valantic is also technology-agnostic. As a certified and multiple award-winning AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, SAP Diamond/Gold Cloud Focus Partner, Salesforce and PTC Focus Partner, and Microsoft Gold Partner, optimizing customer benefit is paramount for valantic.

Successful management of cloud migrations

Companies want a cloud partner that builds them a robust, secure, and cost-optimized cloud environment and ensures this environment’s reliable long-term operation. valantic ensures that the cloud generates optimal added value for its customers and helps them from start to finish with their switch to the cloud and ongoing operations.

valantic has developed a non-proprietary Cloud Adoption Framework based on many years of experience in successfully implementing cloud projects. Depending on the specific use of the chosen cloud services provider, our Cloud Adoption Framework also allows the incorporation of proprietary elements of the providers concerned – such as AWS, Azure, and GCP, etc. Nevertheless, our number one goal is always to minimize future costly “vendor logins” for our customers.

Successful management of cloud migrations

When is it worth migrating legacy systems to the cloud, and what timeframe and costs are involved? Fine-tuning also includes smart software development and coding.

Cloud usage in an industrial environment based on best practices

Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT, and IIoT as components of an end-to-end cloud solution.

Compliance & corporate governance

valantic works closely with its customers to choose the optimal cloud provider that already offers out-of-the-box policies. We make sure our customer’s relevant compliance guidelines are adhered to in daily operations.

Fast and agile go live

Cloud solutions can be rolled out with agility and taken quickly into production. But they also need to be embedded in the company-wide IT strategy and IT governance. valantic’s comprehensive strategic consulting services already help companies prepare for tomorrow’s market success today.

The valantic Cloud Adoption Framework

valantic has developed a non-proprietary Cloud Adoption Framework based on many years of experience in successfully implementing cloud projects. Under certain conditions, and depending on the customer’s specific needs, our framework also enables the use of proprietary elements of cloud service providers – such as AWS, Azure, GCP, etc. Nevertheless, our number one goal is always to minimize provider-specific dependencies and thus reduce potentially high costs for our customers.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Services

Together with Amazon Web Services (AWS), valantic offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions to help companies develop, deploy and optimize applications in the AWS cloud. These involve the customization, modernization, and redesign of applications, as well as the secure and cost-effective use of the AWS cloud.

Discover the wide range of AWS services and solutions for application development, cloud adoption, and security. Learn more about valantic’s comprehensive Cloud Adoption Framework.

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Strategic cloud and holistic IT consulting

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As they transition to the cloud, however, enterprises face a multitude of cloud models and architectures ranging from private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud to classic on-premises solutions. Other questions also arise: Is it worth migrating their legacy applications to the cloud? Or would refacturing or even entirely redeveloping a cloud-native cloud application be a more promising and more successful approach?

valantic advises companies on their journey to the cloud and beyond. This is important because a cloud environment is always an integral part of the company-wide OT & IT architecture and is inextricable from many business, financial, and technological decisions. valantic’s consultants and software architects work closely with their customers to design a sustainable, enduring overall IT architecture to verify the efficiency of cloud usage beforehand and anchor it in the company. They prepare decision templates for the total cost of ownership (TCO) and ensure that strategic and operational decisions are made entirely with the aim of maximizing benefit for the customer.

Smart Industries 4.0: Cloud solutions from conception to ongoing operation

The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art

valantic works closely with its customers to develop simple to complex industrial and business applications that it then integrates into their internal IT environment. In essence, we develop their end-to-end solution either in their chosen cloud environment – such as AWS, PTC, Azure, or other hyperscalers – or deploy the hybrid, multi-cloud, or on-premises solution to maximize the benefits for them in their particular market. For performing evaluations, valantic has developed its own non-proprietary Public Cloud Adoption Framework that can be tailored to meet our customers’ needs. valantic also offers pre-configured cloud service packages, including hyperscaler funding expertise, based on its Cloud Adoption Framework.

If the customer wishes, valantic’s experts can also take on responsibility for the solution’s ongoing operation and guarantee, for example, 24/7 availability of the application and its infrastructure in the cloud, including reliable fulfillment of all the approved service level agreements (SLA). The modular structure of valantic’s Managed Services offers maximum flexibility for our customers.

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Customer experience: The composable e-commerce cloud

valantic works with its customers to design marketplaces, portals, and e-commerce solutions and everything that is needed for their success – such as social media solutions and data analytics which adapt with agility to changing market conditions.

A perfectly orchestrated customer experience leads to strong and lasting customer relationships, and ultimately to loyal customers. The key components for success here are efficient business processes, intuitive navigation, state-of-the-art payment, and the right pricing policy, not to mention the right market positioning. valantic sums this up neatly as Composable Commerce.

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SAP Cloud Services ERP for the transition to an intelligent company

valantic supports companies in optimally integrating and using the variety of SAP solutions along the entire value chain – always tailored to their wishes, goals and challenges. SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud forms the digital core of the intelligent enterprise. We support our customers professionally and effectively in implementing a future-oriented ERP – from strategic consulting to implementation. With standardized templates, quality gates and other services, the valantic team ensures a smooth project process with successful implementation, go-live and efficient operation. We also support companies with release changes, the introduction of new functionalities and all other questions relating to the public cloud.

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Salesforce: Efficient customer configurations and more revenue

Seamless back-end system integration

Salesforce is a leading cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that not only offers traditional CRM capabilities but also an extensive range of other features and capabilities. In this context, valantic helps customers in all areas that need to be managed using Salesforce and integrated into their respective back-end systems, including sales, marketing, customer service, financial services, and supply chain.

We aim to enable smooth data flows between all the relevant systems, giving companies a comprehensive overview of their customer information, financial data, and business processes. Using bespoke Salesforce customizations and integrations, we provide for optimized processes and the observance of industry-specific guidelines.


Regardless of whether our customers “only” want to use Salesforce for specific functions such as marketing and commerce, or also for complex, comprehensive integrations with web catalogs, marketplaces, or other product lists, valantic’s experts are on hand to meet their needs. In addition to this, our consultants also help customers to seamlessly integrate FinancialForce with Salesforce CRM and thereby optimize their financial management processes.

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Financial Services Automation: Secure and efficient from the cloud

In highly regulated markets such as energy, telecommunications, insurance and banking, the food industry, and healthcare, strict compliance with all guidelines is a must for business – also in the cloud.

valantic’s consultants are very familiar with the relevant guidelines and know how to implement them in the cloud and simultaneously deliver “Compliance Readiness Packaged Services for the Public Cloud” for various compliance guidelines, such as HIPAA, MDR, TISAX, BaFin, Solvency II, SOC, SOC2, MDR HAPCC, etc. to name but a few. As such, companies are guaranteed to be on the safe side and always compliant with the relevant regulations.


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