Getting future-ready with digitalization

Strategy development for the digitalization of a traditional aid organization

Developing a focused digital strategy allows for the realization of potentials, enhances company value, and improves customer satisfaction.

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Over 80,000 volunteer and full-time employees are involved in an international aid organization and one of Germany’s largest charitable service providers in areas such as elderly care, emergency services, and disaster relief. Historically grown and international, decentralized structures characterize the tradition-rich company, and a strong sense of values determines its actions.


The strategic and operational opportunities and risks of digital initiatives in the context of new competitors and technologies were uncertain.

Consulting Approach

Development of a digital strategy and implementation roadmap to achieve strategic objectives.

Solution and Benefits

Clarity about the strategic direction of the organization. Focusing the business model on quality, growth, and profitability enhances the company’s value and improves customer satisfaction.


”valantic has truly become a partner for us, from strategy to operations. The respective expert teams deliver what we targeted as our goals. In fact, the results have even exceeded our expectations. The digital strategy and its subsequent implementation were pivotal for us. Besides the high methodological expertise of the valantic consultants, what was crucial was that they genuinely delivered in implementation. Thus we were always able to achieve added value for the entire organization. Thank you!“

Joye Böttcher, Principal at valantic

Sarah Joye Böttcher

”Being able to accompany our clients as a trusted advisor comprehensively is the best confirmation of our strategic and implementation skills. Building trust and working on an equal footing with the client's organization are the cornerstones of our consulting work.“

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The Challenges

The charitable service provider faced an increasingly digitized environment with uncertain growth prospects. The entry of new competitors presented both opportunities and risks for the company, the evaluation of which posed a challenge. There was uncertainty about how existing services might be influenced by technological developments and what strategic and operational measures might address them. While there was readiness and openness for digitalization within the organization, those in charge found it challenging to assess the relevance of digital initiatives. There was no concrete approach or program to drive specific digitalization topics.

Furthermore, experience in the digital domain, targeted digital competencies, and implementation processes were limited. Digital initiatives were often viewed in isolation, decisions were frequently made intuitively, and efforts were driven in an uncoordinated manner. The management and project’s goal was to secure the existing market position, grow profitably in the long term, and develop a strategy for holistic digitalization across the company.

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Our Consulting Approach for a Digital Strategy

Initially, valantic experts analyzed the competitive environment and the status of existing digital initiatives, drawing on industry experience, research, and interviews. They also considered best practices from their own and other industries. The team outlined the company’s most crucial product’s value chain and identified potential digitalization approaches. This was followed by developing strategic options during the “Digital Days,” a two-day executive workshop. The client and consulting team identified strengths and weaknesses in relevant business sectors, pinpointed threats along the value chain, and developed a mutual understanding of the company situation. Based on this, a digital strategy for the company was formulated, which was detailed on its primary product. However, the best strategy is only helpful if its implementation succeeds. A robust, company-specific implementation plan ensures that strategic objectives can be transformed into concrete actions.

For this, the consulting team determined the company’s organizational, technical, and procedural prerequisites, aligning these with the recommended implementation measures. valantic consultants applied change management methods throughout the entire project to anchor sustainable changes in the organization and involve employees.

The results

The outcome of the project was a collaboratively developed, realistic, and organizationally accepted implementation roadmap, from which further concrete projects and initiatives were derived and implemented over the subsequent years.

Strategy Projects

  • Definition of strategy and organizational structure
  • Process optimization and responsibilities
  • Decision template for CRM introduction
  • Development of functional marketing strategy
  • Price and product strategy
  • Design and business case for an app

Digital Marketing/Sales Initiatives

  • Optimization of conversion funnel
  • SEA (Search Engine Advertising) potentials and Proof of Concept
  • Establishment of marketing retargeting measures
  • Quantification of social media potentials
  • Website conceptualization
  • Persona and customer journey analysis

valantic consultants in these subsequent projects also accompanied the client.

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Benefits for the Client

The primary project success: The customer’s management now has a clear digital strategy and prioritized actions, replacing the previously intuitive approach. This allows for the company’s consistent alignment with achieving strategic goals. Structural and procedural improvements enhance organizational efficiency. Through targeted methodological and knowledge transfer from the consulting team to the client, digital competencies at leadership and operational levels were sustainably enhanced.

More than 40 initiated measures resulted in a significant increase in efficiency and revenue potentials in the double-digit million range. For instance, for the client’s core product, there was a 50% EBIT increase (3 million euros) with minimal customer attrition (<0.1%). At the same time, customer satisfaction with core products and services significantly improved.

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Joye Böttcher, Principal at valantic

Joye Böttcher

Principal & Team Lead