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The Clearing & Settlement of Crypto Assets Trading


An Overview of the Current State of the Global Landscape

In this article produced in partnership with Greyspark Partners, the unique aspects of clearing and settlement applied to crypto assets is explored along with the reasons why solutions that were originally designed for securities and fiat currencies are challenged to process the instruments traded within this new asset class.

Sell-Side Fixed Income Expert Network Report No.4 2023


Optimizing growth in 2023

Following what turned out to be a very solid 2022 for fixed income, widely reflected in Q4 results published across the street, we have seen a renewed interest in fixed income as an asset class, with further appetite for investment in the space within the sell-side community. In our fourth edition of the Sell-Side Fixed Income Expert Network Report in association with Acuiti, we take a quick look back at 2022 to understand how the network fared and review some of the key drivers of business growth.

Sell-Side Fixed Income Expert Network Report No.3 2022


Analyzing the impact of market volatility

Volatility this year has brought both challenges and opportunities to all asset classes. As bond yields soar in the wake of rising inflation and fiscal tightening by central banks, fixed income has been at the center of the storm. In this report, Acuiti and valantic FSA review the impact of market volatility and identify some of the key operational challenges that have been faced in recent months.

Sell-Side Fixed Income Expert Network Report No.2 2022


Technology in fixed income markets

For fixed income businesses across the sell-side, 2022 is set to be a year in which new opportunities will emerge. Members of the valantic FSA Sell-Side Fixed Income Expert Network are optimistic about the year ahead as opportunities abound in multiple areas from inflation to ESG.

Sell-Side Fixed Income Expert Network Report No.1 2022


The future of fixed income markets

Although the electronification of the fixed income markets has been ongoing for longer than two decades, it is only more recently that we are seeing broader adoption and smarter automation of the workflows. This report focuses on the technology, drivers and trends that network members are looking to address in the next tranche of automation investment.