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Unleash the power of your numbers with valantic. With our advanced analytics and Gen AI solutions, we turn your financial data into a powerful ally for your strategic decisions. Experience how Gen AI becomes your financial insight booster and helps you unlock new horizons of data potential.

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AI revolution in financial analysis: Become a data-driven pioneer with valantic

Unlock untapped data potential with valantic: Our advanced analytics and Gen AI solutions transform your financial data into strategic decision-making tools. As your partner in financial innovation, we provide tailored analyses that future-proof your business management. With our expertise in Advanced Analytics Strategy and Transformation, we sharpen your focus on what’s essential and set new standards in data analysis. Our advanced approaches in Advanced Analytics Architecture Design ensure that your data architecture is not only current but also future-proof. With Gen AI at the forefront of financial technology, we help you ride the wave of digital transformation. Discover with us how you can advance your financial organization with data-driven insights, advanced analytics, and precise Advanced Forecasting. Is your financial planning process agile enough to withstand times of constant disruption and volatile markets? Get to know our innovative, AI-based solution approach “AIVIAN – AI Platform for Finance” and leverage our expertise not just to react to changes but to actively shape them.

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AI Forecasting for Finance

Optimize your financial planning with AI: AIVIAN – AI Forecasting for Finance transforms manual forecasts, which are often error-prone and subjective, into precise, data-driven predictions. Overcome the limitations of human analytical abilities and the inertia of manual processes that can impair strategic decisions.

AIVIAN utilizes powerful machine learning algorithms to identify complex data patterns. Our AI Forecasting for Finance, for example, can be seamlessly integrated with Tagetik to enhance the accuracy and speed of your financial forecasts. Benefit from real-time data and automated processes that allow for quick adjustments to market changes and free your teams from routine tasks. With Tagetik and AIVIAN, you gain clear insights and transparency for informed business decisions, thereby strengthening your company’s competitive edge.

Discover with us the future of finance – for your digital financial plan powered by AI!

Also, find out in our latest blog how you can improve your financial forecasts with powerful AI in SAP BTP.

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Gen AI in Finance

Leverage Gen AI for efficient financial planning: Our AI chatbot technologies enable intuitive access to knowledge databases and automate workflows, saving time and improving information quality.

With tools like SAP Analytics Cloud and CCH Tagetik, along with integration into Microsoft Teams, your teams can use natural language to interact with databases and simplify complex queries. HR processes are optimized by copilots, reducing workload and increasing employee satisfaction.

AI assistants empower your finance department to take on data management and modeling, which speeds up processing and relieves the IT department. This allows your teams to focus on strategic tasks and make data-driven decisions.

Interested in transforming your financial processes? Feel free to contact us to begin your journey into the future financial process landscape!

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Conversational AI Platform

Transforming Human-Technology Interactions.

Intelligent dialogue systems enable natural conversations, enhance customer experiences, and optimize business processes. From virtual assistants to chatbots – an innovative solution for efficient and user-centered communication.

We realize our Conversational AI projects based on the AI platform of our technology partner, Cognigy. With Cognigy.AI, conversations with customers are designed and managed centrally across all channels.

We connect devices, machinery, company-specific specialized applications, and core systems with Cognigy.AI. This makes cross-application processes controllable through naturally spoken or written dialogues. Thus, we add another element to the digital workplace and the digital transformation of business processes.

By the way: Cognigy has been named a “Cool Vendor in AI for Conversational Platforms” by Gartner.

Learn more about Conversational AI with valantic here.

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Advanced Analytics Strategy & Transformation

To carry out a successful transformation in finance, it is essential to consider not only technical solutions but also organizational, procedural, and personnel changes. We support you with our end-to-end approach from the initial fit/gap and AI readiness analysis, through identifying the use cases that suit you, to training your employees and rolling out your advanced analytics solutions.

We specifically help you to gain a realistic assessment of the potential of AI-supported processes in your company and to implement value-creating solutions with the help of your existing staff. To accelerate your transformation, we also support you and your employees through an upskilling offer tailored to your needs. We develop with you the right path to a seamless integration of powerful and value-adding advanced analytics solutions into your operational processes.

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Advanced Analytics Architecture Design

A central challenge in utilizing Advanced Analytics in finance is developing a flexible and scalable analytics architecture. Our experience in designing and implementing cloud, on-premises, and hybrid architectures enables us to flexibly address your requirements regarding data security and deployment scenarios, and to support you in designing and deploying an analytics architecture tailored to your needs.

In addition to implementation, our experts also take into account your existing system landscape to ensure seamless integration of the analytics architecture into your existing systems and processes.

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Advanced Forecasting

Supporting budget and planning processes as well as monthly rolling forecasts with machine-generated predictions allows your planners to focus on key items. Furthermore, by analyzing and evaluating the machine-generated forecasts, they can derive new insights into business-relevant correlations. This enables a significant improvement in planning quality, as it increases forecast accuracy and enhances understanding of influencing factors and regularities.

With the Advanced Forecasting module of our AIVIAN platform, you can use the machine-generated forecasts for your revenue, cost, and liquidity positions just one day after month-end closure, for example, as suggested values in your planning application. AIVIAN Advanced Forecasting thus offers you significant time savings and reduced costs through machine support and acceleration of your planning processes. For more information about the performance and features of AIVIAN Advanced Forecasting, please refer to the associated module brochure.

More from the Area of CPM and Digital Finance

Do you want to optimize your financial processes, enhance your corporate performance, and benefit from digital transformation? Then valantic is the right place for you. We offer you smart processes, relevant content, and progressive technologies that improve the control foundation in your company and make it accessible to all relevant stakeholders.

With our solutions, you receive valuable insights that help you measurably increase your performance and grow sustainably. Let’s shape the future of the financial world together.

Learn more about Digital Finance and CPM at valantic.

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Strategic foresight through AI

With valantic’s Gen AI solutions, you transform your financial data into a strategic compass. Our customized analyses provide not just a clear view of current figures but also predictive insights that future-proof your business management. Rely on our expertise to make your financial planning agile and forward-looking.

Innovative power through Advanced Analytics

Discover the full potential of your financial data with valantic’s Advanced Analytics. We offer not only insights into your current data but also transform it into tangible decision aids. Our advanced analysis methods set new standards and enable you to act as a pioneer in digital transformation.

Future-proof Data Architecture

With valantic’s approaches in Advanced Analytics Architecture Design, you secure your data architecture for the future. We ensure that your systems meet current requirements and are equipped for upcoming challenges. Stay one step ahead with us and ensure the longevity of your financial systems.

Agility in disruptive times

In a world full of disruptions, agility is the key to success. valantic’s AIVIAN – AI Platform for Finance helps you make your financial planning process flexible and robust. Utilize our AI-based solutions not just to react to changes but to proactively use them to your advantage.

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