Master data management

Master data management (MDM) is a crucial element in an omnichannel and commerce-driven world. All relevant data types – information about customers and employees as well as product data – should be available beyond silos, after all.

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MDM – getting a handle on your master data

The basic challenge is clear: Companies must be data-driven. And the basis for this is a 360-degree view of the information that is essential for achieving the company’s goals. valantic understands MDM as a strategic process, on the one hand, and as technology or application, on the other. Today, centralized, consolidated master data management is the decisive difference that gives companies a competitive edge. MDM has a major impact on productivity and revenue. That’s why it’s a key discipline of digital transformation.

We help you get your master data organized.

Why MDM? Plenty of added value for companies

What does master data management help you with? A whole lot, that’s for sure! The benefits are mostly indirect, but they are all the more impressive for it. For example, MDM often paves the way for corporate innovation and initiatives.

If your work becomes more efficient, you can reduce operating costs – and that's exactly where MDM comes in, supporting measures both strategically and in the short term.

By means of central master data management, company potentials are identified at an early stage – for instance, regarding competitive products or new business models.

MDM provides the foundation for data-driven decisions. These decisions are made on the basis of comprehensive analyses, for which master data is aligned – if necessary across countries, groups or companies.

Master data maintenance in MDM works using role-based concepts. This ensures reliable data and simplifies data management. Input errors, mistakes and inconsistencies occur less frequently.

Various sales activities require trustworthy customer and product master data. Master data management provides this data – and thus makes the work of customer service easier, for example.

Past, present or future: MDM consolidates customer and product master data, creating a “single source of truth”. This means that customer expectations can be met optimally.

If you want to create a unique, cross-channel customer experience, MDM is the way to go. Up-to-date and consistent master data enables personalized interactions with users at all relevant touchpoints of the customer journey.

With MDM, isolated and siloed thinking is a thing of the past. Master data is managed centrally, so employees spend less time searching for information that is relevant to their day-to-day work.

Do you want high-performance data processing without losses? Then MDM is the solution. Import and export data smartly, connect databases, or integrate artificial intelligence: We would be happy to advise you regarding functionalities to maximize the insights gained from your company data in an automated way.

MDM by valantic

Complex and heterogeneous system landscapes require reliable master data management (MDM). At valantic, we are used to developing high-performance, scalable and secure solutions based on world-leading technology stacks. So we recommend: Get to know our core MDM technologies better!

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