Mastering and optimizing supply chain and transportation processes with SAP TM

SAP Transportation Management (TM)

SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) as a component of the Supply Chain Execution Platform (SAP SCE) is currently the most advanced transport management software solution on the market. It helps companies to handle goods traffic efficiently, quickly, and accurately.

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SAP Transportation Management addresses the requirements of logistics service providers, carriers, and shippers. SAP Transportation Management supports all transport processes, from planning, consolidation and optimization up to execution and invoicing in an cross-industry, holistic solution. SAP TM integrates seamlessly into other business processes (e.g. integration with SAP EWM and EM) and thanks to web-based portals and B2B interfaces it enables collaboration with external business partners and process participants.

Holistic solution for transportation management

Strategic Freight Management

Freight procurement and sales are decisive competitive factors in supply chain management. Low transportation costs and the securing of reliable transport services are playing an ever-greater role for shippers and logistics service providers. SAP TM supports you to predict future transportation requirements and to negotiate optimized freight rates with customers, trucking companies and logistics service providers.

Order Management

SAP TM integrates orders and purchase orders from SAP S/4HANA and other ERP systems. Furthermore, it enables manual entry of forwarding orders. Downstream processes are triggered automatically and generate the relevant demands as in put for transportation planning. Thanks to efficient end-to-end order and process management, unnecessary freight costs can be eliminated, service levels kept high and customer satisfaction increased sustainably.

Freight Planning and Optimization

Manual and automated planning as well as optimization tools will help you to determine optimal resources and routes and to select cost-optimized freight carriers. Through the combination of inbound and outbound transports as well as planning processes across locations, additional synergies can be achieved and freight costs can be reduced significantly.

Freight Execution and Monitoring

eep a grip on all of your transport operations, from loading at the dock to delivery at the recipient. SAP TM enables communication with all process participants (e.g. forwarding agents, carriers, customers, customs), comprehensive deviation management and seamless integration into warehouse processes and the creation of all necessary transport documents.

Charge Management

Check the profitability of your transports even during order intake. The integrated determination of freight costs provides the basis for invoicing, the posting of accruals, and the verification of incoming invoices in case of subcontracting. Freight agreements, rate tables, and the required rules can be managed in SAP TM. Integration with SAP ERP enables automatic invoicing and payment of incoming invoices according to the credit memo procedure.

Analytics and Reporting

SAP TM’s extensive analysis and reporting functions create a sound basis for decision-making using real-time data. In addition to landed cost evaluations and process-related KPIs, there are additional monitoring and dashboard solutions available. With S/4HANA, SAP TM offers an extensive catalog of Fiori apps for the visualization and support of your business processes.

Added value of SAP Transportation Management (TM)

  • Cost savings based on higher efficiency and economies of scale, increased resource utilization through consolidation of transport orders and optimized transport planning
  • Harmonized transport and warehouse processes in an integrated supply chain solution create consistent transparency and increase your ability to react
  • Industry-leading platform with best-in-class functionalities and flexible toolbox architecture as the technical basis for generating competitive advantages through innovative and intelligent solutions

Our offerings in the SAP TM area

Solutions for shippers

SAP TM helps shippers with detailed transportation planning, simplifying and unifying all transport management processes, and thus maximizing the ROI of all transport expenses.

Solutions for shippers
Solutions for shippers

Solutions for logistics service providers

SAP TM also offers additional optimization potential in the commercial sector for large companies and corporate groups. Instead of individual shipping and transport departments at group subsidiaries, a central transport and dispatch department can consolidate transport requirements and purchase and control logistics services for all internal companies.

Solutions for logistics service providers
Solutions for logistics service providers

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