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Trading Workflow Automation for Capital Markets and Retail Banking

We work with you to augment your existing platforms and IP so that they can evolve effectively.

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Trading Workflow Automation for Capital Markets and Retail Banking

We work with you to augment your existing platforms and IP so that they can evolve effectively.

The Company

valantic FSA has successfully digitized the workflow for over 100 firms in Capital Markets. We build robust and highly innovative systems for Trading Automation, Workflow Management and downstream Transaction Automation. Our mission is to digitize, augment and evolve the value streams within our clients. The resulting workflows bring superior levels of efficiency, insight and business agility that enable these firms to position themselves for the future. valantic FSA assembles complete systems from a broad range of battle tested components and next generation technologies covering Fixed Income and securitized instruments.

Powered by valantic

We are powered by valantic, one of the most trusted providers of digital solutions in the world

valantic is one of the fastest-growing digital solutions, consulting, and software companies on the market. With more than 1.200 specialized consultants and developers, we help our customers deploy, implement, and operate intelligent digital technologies.

This is a particularly exciting time to be part of changing the way technology is used in Capital Markets. We help our clients get more from their existing platforms, while also enabling them to connect and power their businesses in new ways. We combine proven components with next generation technology to deliver transformative workflow solutions, that set our clients on a path of continuous improvement, data centricity and innovation.

Our people are passionate about inspiring capital markets every day.

Joachim Lauterbach

At a Glance

3500+ combined person years of relevant industry experience
300+ people and growing
Total commitment to successful client outcomes
Passion for innovation
Holistic project management approach
Collaborative and open minded

Our People

Adding faces to our solutions

Direct communication and fairness characterize all our actions. As a team, we develop solutions for our customers from proven battle-hardened components and the latest next generation MESH technology. Above all, we obsess over getting the right outcomes for our clients throughout the project life cycle.

Our people
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