Market insights from our industry leaders

Investigations revolutionizing case management

FinCase is deeply integrated into payments back-office operations, and provides a standardized, “one-stop shop” for simplifying exception investigations case management to significantly reduce time-to-resolution by up to 50%, as well as streamline the complexities of bank-to-bank commission claims generation and workflow processing.

Exploring the benefits of ISO 20022

ISO20022 will help banks with new tools to crack down on money laundering and stay ahead of the bad guys. Simon Wilson, our MD of Transaction Automation, talks through how enhanced structured data will help combat financial crime in this episode of The Paytech Show.

Instant cross-border payments: the new opportunity

Simon Wilson, our MD of Payments Automation, had joined the latest episode of The Paytech Show. In this short video he highlights the need to upgrade legacy systems with cutting-edge technology to enable real-time processing and leverage the additional data provided by ISO20022 standards.

valantic FSA - on demand - Build, buy or both?

Building an international payments offering can be complex and confusing. Identifying the right partners to work with, or areas you are capable in building yourself, is no easy task. In this Webinar our panel of payments experts will explore the benefits and pitfalls associated with building or buying an offering, and how a hybrid of both can bring benefit to organizations on this journey.

valantic FSA's modular payments suite

valantic FSA’s Chris Stares – Senior Solutions Architect, highlights the challenges being faced by banks and other payments service providers. There are multiple complexities in handling payments scheme formats and workflows, despite most being based on, or migrating to, the unified standard of ISO 20022.

A pivotal time in payments with Celent

In this short interview with Celent’s Gareth Lodge, we explore the key themes driving the payments market today, tomorrow and beyond, from instant and cross-border payments, the migration to ISO 20022 and not least the technology that accelerates the path to modernization.

Low-Code integration technology

valantic FSA’s Payments Suite is ISO 20022-native, built using our own low-code development and integration technology, X-Gen via its low-code, visual modeling approach, enables you to simplify and accelerate the creation of integration and transformation solutions to support a transitional platform modernization journey, and streamline your migration from legacy/proprietary applications, systems and message formats to the very latest standards and APIs.

valantic and Velox accelerate change in capital markets

Andy Browning, our Head of Electronic Trading, and Jon Butler, CEO of Velox, speak to Toby Babb of FinTech Focus TV about how their partnership enables capital markets firms to innovate faster and take advantage of the data driven economy.

valantic FSA Vision - the fixed income debate

Hearing from firms at the forefront of this rapidly developing marketplace, we explore the critical points of innovation and opportunities that are driving the change.

valantic FSA named as Best Trading Solution for Fixed Income Markets

Hear from Andy Browning, Head of Electronic Trading, how our award winning low-code development framework can help you to address strategic agility, data centricity and overall total cost of ownership.

The value of workflow automation

Exploring the challenges associated with digitizing workflows, and the importance of optimization across all parts of the industry, Peter Holmgren – Director International Markets – imparts invaluable insights into the key trends sweeping the marketplace.