Starting a career in IT at valantic

Start an IT career

For us, the potential for growth lies in change. That’s why we value people who take a new professional step in order to learn. We will show you why changing careers and working at valantic can be worthwhile for you, what changing careers at valantic looks like, and what opportunities we offer you at valantic.

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The perfect prerequisites for your IT career

Are you wondering what you might need to have a successful IT career at valantic? Of course, the answer will differ depending on your personal career goals. But one thing is certain: You can acquire many professional skills thanks to our mentors’ expertise and diverse training opportunities.

As a career changer, this is what you should have:

Initial professional experience

With the industry, method, and process knowledge you’ve gained, you can offer us and our customers a lot of added value.

IT affinity

No matter what role you play with us, you will always come into contact with new technologies and tools: SAP, cloud, artificial intelligence, and complex programming languages. We’re curious to hear what interests you.

Do you want to make a change?

We help our customers with their digital transformation. And with passion. That’s why passion is the basic prerequisite for joining one of our teams.


One of our most important values at valantic is operational excellence. For us, excellence is when the customer says “wow.” This requires a sharp intellect, a willingness to listen and look precisely, curiosity, and a passion to understand things from the ground up.

Team capability

Only as a team can we achieve great things, so we need people who will work with us.

"Communication is key"

Fluent English and German skills are important in order to be successful in our international projects

What you need to know beforehand

Learn about the latest technologies!

We offer you a variety of opportunities, such as certificates and learning journeys, so you can be up-to-date and successfully use the latest technologies in your job. Because our aim is to offer our customers excellent products and services.

No worries!

We have already successfully assisted many new colleagues in changing to IT careers, for example through mentoring, and we know what matters. valantic offers you a secure future as a partner-like employer and we will advise you as to how you can grow both personally and professionally.

We value change

We believe that a career change is a great opportunity to expand your skills and knowledge. We have to change constantly if we want to help our customers to change.

We're flexible

Because we know that life is varied. When you work for us, we want to be a fair employer, so we offer you working hours that fit your lifestyle.

Responsibility from the start

Take responsibility from the start! We want your start with us and your career change into IT to be a success. That’s why a more experienced colleague will guide you as a “job buddy” and share his or her practical knowledge. At valantic, we are not just talking about a can-do attitude, we embody entrepreneurship every day.

Sabrina Albrecht, Chief People Officer at valantic

Sabrina Albrecht
Chief People Officer at valantic

”Learning plays a major role for us. As a digital consulting company, we must always be one step ahead with our knowledge in order to be able to accompany our customers on their journey into the future. Continuous personal development is therefore essential for us.“


These career changers are successful at valantic

Every IT career change is different

These valantic colleagues have successfully changed careers. We want to show you how many different facets of career change there are and why you can be the perfect complement for our team, even without possessing every characteristic in a job advertisement.

Stefanie Kaufmann, valantic

Stefanie Kaufmann
Lead Consultant and Anaplan Solution Architect

Sergey Makhno, valantic

Sergey Makhno
Junior SAP Consultant

What distinguishes us?

At valantic, we accompany the digital transformation with the aim of offering our customers excellent, future-oriented solutions.
As a company, we are on a growth path at valantic; we see the opportunity to create something new. Tackling and building up this drive shapes us. We understand that we are addressing challenges in an entrepreneurial manner. Because we believe that it is worth breaking through established patterns of thought in order to find state-of-the-art answers to today’s questions.

We want to be a fair employer and meet our employees on a level playing field. Because appreciative cooperation lasts the longest.

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Job vacancies for IT career changers

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Sarah Pfeil

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