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Business Planning with SAP BPC

Optimize your planning, budgeting and consolidation processes to make informed decisions and maximize financial performance. With powerful analytics, SAP BPC provides a clear overview of your business data, enables real-time collaboration and ensures accurate financial consolidation.

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Business Planning with SAP BPC

The combined solution for optimized financial planning and consolidation

A company’s long-term success no longer depends solely on the demand for products and services. It is also a result of a good organization, in which planning and consolidation are essential components in order to make informed decisions within the company. A powerful planning & consolidation solution such as SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) not only enables you to better understand the current state of affairs; it also provides you with an ideal basis for all aspects of business planning thanks to integrated financial intelligence and forecasting models.

In this illustration you can see the overview of SAP BPC services.

The application includes planning, budgeting, forecasting, and financial consolidation capabilities. This makes it easy to adjust planning and forecasts, accelerate budget cycles, and safely comply with accounting standards.

SAP BPC offers numerous functions to optimize modern planning and budgeting. At the same time, the tool promotes collaboration and helps to make informed decisions within the company. The improved planning efficiency shortens cycle times so that strategic business projects start on schedule.

Process optimization

How can business planning be optimized?

In order to remain competitive, companies must leave behind traditional long planning processes. The aim is to optimize and significantly accelerate all planning processes. Everyone knows that “time = money.” It must be possible to adapt plans quickly and accurately to changes. Otherwise, planning is already outdated when it is created and therefore worthless. But how can process costs be reduced? The answer is simple: with automation and optimization.

SAP BPC provides a comprehensive toolbox for modeling, administering, and controlling a planning environment. The solution is intuitive to operate, and it makes administration and data exchange of the planning models easier, provides these, and creates reports.

Monotonous routine activities represent potential sources of error, they cost unnecessary time, and ensure frustration among planners. In order to counter this and make the planning process more comfortable, preparatory or regularly recurring activities for planning rounds can be automated and executed at defined times. Here’s an example: Copy the actual data of the previous year and adjust it with the multiplier +5%. Whole workflows are thus easier to control. They can be thought out and fixed and tasks can be assigned directly. Plan data changes and administrative activities can be traced at any time using system reports or monitors.

In this illustration you can see a table for process optimisation with SAP BPC

Scenario analysis/forecasts

How do you keep an eye on the company’s future at all times?

This illustration shows a "what if" scenario with SAP BPC.

Every company faces its own challenges. Business planning and corporate planning are fundamental milestones on the road to success. Different kinds of logic and projections can be used to significantly increase professionalism in these areas and to integrate comprehensible forecasts of future business developments.

In this illustration you can see a target/actual table - SAP BPC

More informed decisions can be made, and better results can be achieved based on what-if analyzes and scenario plans. Once modeled, SAP BPC enables fully automated forecasts in addition to traditional planning, taking into account specially defined progress logics – without any additional manual effort on the part of the planner. The extrapolation can be checked based on key figures, so that recommendations for action can be derived from limit and/or threshold values.

In this illustration you can see a funnel graphic with SAP BPC.

In order to be able to react to the constantly changing requirements and circumstances of the market and be prepared, scenario analyses in SAP BPC can be used to examine different visions of the future and draw conclusions about strategic orientation. The use of influencing factors/probabilities as well as value drivers also facilitates the evaluation of the future images.


How can all sub-plans be fully integrated into company planning, taking into account dependencies?

Company planning consists of many sub-plans such as cost center, project, and personnel planning. The sub-plans have to be coordinated organizationally and technically, for that’s the only way to create a harmonious overall plan. The first challenge is to identify dependencies and integrate all partial planning processes. This is the prerequisite for deriving the actions required to achieve the planning objectives.

SAP BPC supports this project not only from a technical perspective, by enabling the exchange of master and transaction data between individual BPC and non-BPC planning models. It also helps to structure time sequences and technical dependencies, for example as top-down, bottom-up, and counter-current planning.

The importance of integration is illustrated with this greatly simplified example:

In this illustration you can see an integration of sales planning and sales increase with SAP BPC

Single Point Of Truth

What is the benefit of a single-point-of-truth approach?

SAP BPC is part of the SAP Business Warehouse, and this is exactly what enables a single-point-of-truth (SPOT) approach. The characteristics of the SPOT approach can be summarized in the statement: “All the data you need in the right place and in the expected quality at the right time.” This means that the data needed for both reporting and planning can be collected, prepared and made available in the business warehouse. In addition to SAP sources such as SAP S/4HANA and SAP ECC, non-SAP sources can also be connected. This means that additional loading processes for reporting and comparison of plan and actual figures are superfluous.

In this illustration you can see a Single Point of Truth graphic

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