Efficient SAP master data maintenance

SAP Master Data Management

Increase the productivity of all company departments with automated SAP master data maintenance using the valantic MDC Master Data Cockpit. Simplified SAP master data management reduces potential sources of errors and significantly increases your data quality.

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SAP Master Data Management

As digital transformation progresses, high data quality is more important than ever, and clean master data remains the foundation for making sound business decisions. It does not matter whether it is a matter of creating SAP master data for material; customer or vendor, maintaining data in the business partner under SAP S/4HANA; or preparing SAP master data for an upcoming SAP S/4HANA transformation and data migration.

MDC Master Data Cockpit: Clean SAP master data at all times

Product overview SAP Add-on MDC Master Data Cockpit

Our fully integrated SAP add-on MDC Master Data Cockpit reduces the time required for master data maintenance by up to 40%. With the MDC and the product components MDC Material, MDC Customer, MDC Vendor, MDC Business Partner, MDC Process Cockpit and MDC Mass Data Maintenance you simplify and automate all your master data processes.

Product overview SAP Add-on MDC Master Data Cockpit

End-to-end processes for master data maintenance in SAP for better data quality

Automated creation of master data for material, customer, vendor, and business partners in S/4HANA greatly reduces maintenance costs and prevents input errors. Creating data for any number of organizational units in just one step increases data security and harmonization. Thanks to a flexible workflow concept, all environment data and necessary process steps can be integrated.

The SAP add-on MDC Master Data Cockpit supports the checking of data records for completeness and the release of master records for completing an SAP workflow. The respective employees are notified automatically via e-mail from the SAP workflow.

Since the process is transparent, you can keep track of all new steps at any time. Another important aspect: The MDC Master Data Cockpit can be integrated completely into SAP and customized.

For automated SAP master data changes via workflow in the productive system, the SAP add-on MDC Process Cockpit is the solution. Both SAP add-ons are available separately and can be combined with one another.

Creating master data in the Master Data Cockpit

Creating master data in the Master Data Cockpit

Highlights of the MDC Master Data Cockpit

Clean SAP master data at all times with up to 40% less maintenance work

Create a master data record in one step for any number of organizational units and manage SAP master data easily

Minimize manual errors

Easy automation of work steps thanks to flexible SAP workflows

Adapt suggested values quickly and securely by copying

Maintain dependent SAP master data in the workflow automatically

Easy, individual customizing of the SAP system

User-friendly handling

Mario Kernjak
Project Management, The Lorenz Bahlsen Snack-World

”Responsibilities and the sequence of individual steps within a workflow are constantly changing in our structure. With the help of the Master Data Cockpit (MDC), we can now design workflows flexibly and adapt them to our needs. Even new types of materials or new plants can be integrated into the MDC quickly and with little effort. This is our desired framework for flexibly expandable and end-to-end processes.“


Johannes Kapper
Product Manager and project manager of the SAP master data project at Südzucker

”The one-step production of new finished products through all relevant production and sales companies and their locations represents a huge labor saving.“


Christopher Laysy
Team Business Process Development and responsible for material master data management at Südzucker

”The new function of the mass-scale article master system opens up completely new possibilities and makes it all the more interesting for other group divisions. We look forward to additional expansion and optimization possibilities.“


Dr. Karin Born
Senior Vice President and Head of Information Technology at SGL Carbon

”Our IT department, which is also responsible for process governance for IT-supported processes, provides methodical support for all business units. The goal is always to further improve SGL Carbon's cost position, reduce our inventories, and support the sales teams to generate more sales. Here, valantic helps us with the central definition of rules, the definition of processes, and data quality. This will enable us to fulfill our global responsibilities.“


MDC Process Cockpit: Automating master data changes in SAP

Questions about responsibilities, approvals, and clearances are a regular part of daily business when it comes to making changes to productive master data. If these processes are still manual – via e-mail, paper form, phone call, or even without communication – they are often confusing and erroneous. And also time-consuming for everyone involved.

This can be changed with an automated workflow network in SAP. valantic’s MDC Process Cockpit experts will be happy to help you. 

Controlling SAP master data change processes with workflows

With our new MDC Process Cockpit, your company can simplify and structure its SAP master data change processes in (e.g. material discontinuation, field changes in the material master data, or address changes) and control these securely via flexible SAP master data workflows – thus making processes transparent and efficient for everyone involved with significantly shorter throughput times.

The MDC Process Cockpit for automated SAP master data management is available as a stand-alone solution or in combination with the MDC Master Data Cockpit. Both solutions are completely integrated in SAP and require no data migration.

Highlights of the MDC Process Cockpit

Special control of your workflows in the event of master data changes, for example, control of material phase-out, change of BOM or change of address

Shorter throughput times, greater transparency

Easy entry of the job data thanks to flexible Dynpro control

Continuous availability of all essential information, attached info texts, and file attachments throughout the entire workflow

Flexible configuration of workflows depending on material type, organizational unit, or other parameters (e.g., plant, sales area)

Configuration of workflow processes through simple table maintenance

Status tracing of the workflows per master data record or applicant

Special evaluations for immediate clarity about process progress

Our References

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Case Study

Automated SAP master data maintenance for Südzucker

valantic’s SAP add-on, MDC Master Data Cockpit, now enables the Südzucker Group, one of the world’s largest food producers, to establish transparent, end-to-end processes for creating and maintaining its material master data across several companies, while simultaneously reducing throughput times and significantly cutting IT overheads.

Automated SAP master data maintenance for Südzucker
Two people in work clothes; SGL Carbon Harmonizes SAP Master Data Management Worldwide With MDC Master Data Cockpit

Case Study

SGL Carbon Harmonizes SAP Master Data Management Worldwide With MDC Master Data Cockpit

SGL Carbon, a technology-based and global leader in the development and manufacture of carbon-based solutions, is working with valantic to optimize its material master data management across plants for global efficiency, quality and cost gains. With the implementation of the fully SAP-integrated MDC as the central control unit, a globally harmonised creation of materials is guaranteed.

SGL Carbon Harmonizes SAP Master Data Management Worldwide With MDC Master Data Cockpit
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Case Study

Lorenz optimizes material creation processes in SAP with Master Data Cockpit from valantic

The company Lorenz-Snack-World is a growth-oriented European branded goods company with an international orientation. In order to make workflows more flexible and optimize material maintenance processes, Lorenz Snack-World was looking for a solution that was fully integrated into SAP. The decision was made for the Master Data Cockpit from valantic.

Lorenz optimizes material creation processes in SAP with Master Data Cockpit from valantic

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