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Innovation Management

In an ever-changing digital world, driving innovation and quickly adapting to market changes is crucial for business success. valantic supports clients in building, optimizing, and managing innovation processes.

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Efficiency Improvement: Our clients typically experience a 20-30% increase in operational efficiency, allowing them to allocate resources more effectively.


Reduction in Time-to-Market: Implementing our strategies results in a 20-50% faster product development, ensuring a competitive advantage.


growth in market position and higher revenues through our consulting services

Unlocking business potential through effective innovation management

Innovation is a crucial driver of progress but requires a structured approach. By enhancing efficiency, transparency, and market reach, our consulting services empower our clients to focus on what matters most – developing cutting-edge technology products and tapping into new markets. Every organization has specific requirements for innovation management. Our services are tailored to the individual needs of our clients, providing tangible and practical solutions and methods, all with an overarching goal: enabling companies to harness innovation effectively.

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Establishing and optimizing the innovation process

Many organizations have unstructured innovation processes, leading to inefficiencies in idea generation, evaluation, decision-making, and resource allocation. The need to optimize innovation processes arises from the fact that these processes are often not established or that the current innovation management is insufficient to achieve the set business goals.

In the face of these challenges, we start with a comprehensive assessment of existing processes to identify gaps and opportunities. We work closely with the leadership team to define clear innovation goals. valantic experts then design target processes outlining relevant parameters such as decision points, governance structures (using concepts like RACI, among others), and required resources. Additionally, we develop a detailed implementation roadmap that guides our clients towards a structured innovation process. If necessary, we set up communication and training programs for employees to ensure the new process is accepted and implemented within the organization.

The results:

  • An innovation process tailored to business needs
  • Improved efficiency in idea management
  • Enhanced transparency and clarity in decision-making
  • Efficient resource allocation
  • A culture of continuous improvement
  • Accelerated innovation cycles
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Development of process control and governance concepts

A lack of insight into the progress of innovations and product developments and ineffective governance can hinder successful outcomes and lead to inefficient resource allocation and employee dissatisfaction with the process.

We design customized dashboards that provide real-time insights into the progress of innovation projects. KPIs closely aligned with business objectives guide informed decision-making processes. Our approach ensures that innovation initiatives stay on course, deliver value, and are well accepted within the organization.

The results:

  • Real-time insight into innovation progress
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Improved governance of innovation initiatives
  • Achievement of KPIs and milestones
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Reorganization for innovation excellence

Resistance to change and isolated innovation efforts within organizations can hinder progress and lead to frustration. valantic assists clients in reshaping their organizational structure and promotes cross-functional and cross-border collaboration in innovation and product development. We employ change management strategies to ensure employees embrace the transformation and drive innovations from all areas of their organization. Targeted communication efforts, along with customized training, help disseminate information about process changes and optimization efforts and increase acceptance.

The results:

  • An agile, innovation-ready organizational structure
  • Improved collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Efficient resource allocation for innovation
  • Employee engagement in innovation
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Implementierungs-Roadmap für Innovationsprozesse

Organizations often struggle with effectively implementing innovation strategies, leading to resource constraints and scalability issues.

We provide a detailed implementation roadmap that guides clients through executing their innovation initiatives. Priorities include resource allocation, timelines, and efficient scaling of successful innovations. Our iterative approach allows for course corrections and optimization.

The results:

  • A clear roadmap for implementing innovation strategies
  • Efficient resource allocation for implementation
  • Scalability of successful innovations
  • Continuous improvement through iterative feedback
  • A concept for system and workflow (re)design, synchronized with requirements in the target concept

Industry expertise in innovation management

Innovation is the driving force behind progress. By combining industry-specific expertise with industry-agnostic methods, we ensure that organizations can fully leverage the potential of innovation to succeed in their respective markets.

Success story

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Case Study

Effective Innovation Management as a Growth Driver

Intransparent, complex processes, and inefficient resource allocation were hindering the growth of a global household goods manufacturer. valantic optimized the innovation process, established clear responsibilities, improved data quality, and simplified international collaboration. Knowledge-sharing initiatives increased acceptance and satisfaction within the company. The company's innovation and growth capabilities were significantly strengthened.

Effective Innovation Management as a Growth Driver

Our strengths in innovation management consulting

Cross-industry expertise

Our experience spans across various industries, ensuring adaptable solutions.

Pragmatic and performance-oriented approach

We focus on practical, real-world solutions with measurable performance success.

Proven implementation expertise

We have a track record of successfully implementing innovation processes and change management.

Subject-matter experts

Our team combines industry experts with specialized knowledge and innovation experts with strong methodological expertise.

Industry Recognition

The quality of valantic’s consulting services is repeatedly recognized through awards and industry rankings.

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Daniel Tschentscher

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