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SAP Document Management System

Digital, audit-proof, always accessible

A document management system (DMS) uses a database to manage all types of documents during their life cycle – from a document’s creation and storage to its usage and structured destruction. cuSmarText’s numerous user-friendly features make this is possible with little effort and a minimum of training. The document management system cuSmarText saves lots of time and increases transparency and efficiency at any company.


cuSmarText at a glance

  • Retrieval of the electronic record from any functions in the SAP system
  • GDPR-compliant
  • 100% MS Office and MS SharePoint integrated
  • SAP ERP- and S/4HANA-enabled
  • Structured storage with drag & drop feature: customized configuration of the folder structure
  • Automated integration of PDFs output by the SAP system into the electronic record
  • Importing of original e-mails, including attachments, from MS Outlook and IBM Notes
  • Integrated scan feature with OCR text recognition
  • Full text search including in scanned documents
  • Automated creation of documents and e-mails: text library, rule-based generation using SAP data
  • Follow-up with e-mail notification
  • Management and distribution of tasks for the release and approval processes for transactions and documents
  • Reviewing and accessing of SAP system contents directly in the e-mail application
  • Audit-compliant archiving via ArchiveLink and optional cuSmarText server
  • Available in many other languages besides English (default) and German
  • Barrier-free

100% integration of Microsoft and IBM Notes applications

Thanks to the seamless integration into Microsoft systems, the cuSmarText document management system and Microsoft products complement each other perfectly, letting you store documents and information from an MS Office application directly in the digital personnel record. You can also import any e-mail, including all its attachments and formatting, from MS Outlook and IBM Notes into the record with a single click, as well as send e-mails from the digital personnel record via the e-mail application.

Another benefit of cuSmarText is that users can search content from the SAP system directly in the e-mail application, making jumping between applications a thing of the past. The resulting list with a preview of the main information – comparable to a Google search – is displayed directly in IBM Notes or MS Outlook. Users can then jump to the corresponding master data or object in the SAP system with a single click.

Automatic generation of documents and e-mails

cuDocument Builder allows documents to be automatically generated quickly and easily. Even clerks without legal knowledge can use it to create standard documents as well as certificates, job references and contracts in MS-Office or PDF format.

Placeholders are filled manually, or automatically if the information is already available in the SAP system. Designed e-mails can also be generated. The cuDocument Builder thus minimizes errors and significantly cuts working time.

Infographic cuSmarText DocumentBuilder

Process interrelationships at a glance

The special highlight of the digital personnel record lies in its ability to automatically merge partial records into a single process-oriented record reflecting the context of the operation concerned. It automatically generates a coherent view of all documents associated with a complex business process, making it easy to recognize the interrelationships within that process.


cuSmarText’s fine-grain access and authorization functionality ensures that employees work in compliance with GDPR. Viewing and access rights are issued strictly according to roles and company divisions and only those data which are absolutely necessary are retained in compliance with GDPR.

Upon expiry of the data retention period, the system deletes the relevant personal documents and data records based on rules, either semi-automatically after verification by the authorized employee or fully automatically.

Technical aspects & certificates

The document management system cuSmarText, which is available in two variants – for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA – integrates seamlessly, regardless of your company’s preferred system. The certificates “SAP Certified – Powered by SAP NetWeaver” and “SAP Certified – Integration with SAP S/4HANA” vouch for this.

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