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Make informed, data-driven decisions. Use analytics to effectively drive your business forward.”

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Strategy meets intelligence

At the intersection where data meets intelligence and strategic visions come to life, valantic stands as your navigator in the world of Finance-IT & Business Analytics. Our profound expertise in BI & Analytics enables us to transform complex data streams into clear, decision-driving insights that significantly propel your business forward. With innovative tools like SAP SAC, SAP DWC, and SAP Group Reporting, we equip you with the necessary firepower to effectively control and continuously optimize your financial processes.

The CCH Tagetik CPM Suite forms the backbone for a revolutionary Corporate Performance Management that elevates your corporate performance to a new level. T4/Connect stands for seamless integration and data harmonization, ensuring a unified view of your business operations. With the Microsoft Power Platform, we unleash the full potential of your data through comprehensive analysis and visualization. On the other hand, Anaplan propels your planning, budgeting, and forecasting into a future where agility and precision go hand in hand. Make your financial data the strategic engine of your business success – together with us.”

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BI & Analytics

valantic combines business intelligence and financial knowledge to transform your decision-making processes. Our solutions make complex data accessible through intuitive dashboards and real-time analysis. We support you from strategy consulting to the implementation of customized analytics projects that turn your data into valuable assets.

Our experts develop and implement advanced data transformation solutions, provide support, and train your team for maximum efficiency. Trust in our forecasting models and what-if analyses for a forward-looking financial strategy, secured by the highest standards in security and compliance.

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SAP SAC & DWC Integration

Explore the integration of SAP SAC and DWC with valantic: Revolutionize your Finance-IT and Business Intelligence with real-time financial data and advanced analytics. Utilize intuitive dashboards and interactive reports for precise insights and optimize your financial processes with seamless planning and forecasting. Experience cloud-based data warehousing that transforms your data consolidation and analysis and benefit from a user-friendly interface that enables data security and collaboration. With valantic, you reach a new level of data-driven decision-making and competitiveness.

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CCH Tagetik Integration

Achieve planning and consolidation excellence with the CCH Tagetik CPM Suite and valantic as your Platinum Partner. Our certified experts use CCH Tagetik to digitize and optimize your Corporate Performance Management processes, enhancing the efficiency and speed of your business operations. Thanks to our excellent “SAP HANA Practice” and our position as an innovation leader, we offer leading SAP S/4 HANA-based solutions in combination with Tagetik.

Rely on valantic’s extensive experience in designing and implementing integrated CCH Tagetik projects to elevate your financial organization to a new level of performance. Let us embark on the transformation of your financial processes with CCH Tagetik together.

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Microsoft BI & Azure Integration

Explore the synergy of Microsoft BI & Azure Integration with valantic: Harness the power of the cloud to transform your data analysis and business intelligence. With Microsoft’s powerful BI tools and the flexibility of Azure, we create seamless data flows and deep insights that accelerate and enhance your business decisions. Experience how we optimize your data strategy with scalable solutions and advanced real-time analytics.

More from the CPM and Digital Finance Area

Do you want to optimize your financial processes, enhance your corporate performance, and benefit from digital transformation? Then you’re in the right place with valantic. We offer smart processes, relevant content, and progressive technologies that improve the foundation of control within your organization and make it accessible to all relevant stakeholders.

With our solutions, you gain valuable insights that help you measurably increase your performance and grow sustainably. Let’s work together to shape the future of the financial world. Learn more about Digital Finance and CPM at valantic.

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Strategic decision-making

By transforming complex data into clear insights, valantic helps companies make informed strategic decisions.

Performance & efficiency improvement

The CCH Tagetik CPM Suite enables cutting-edge performance management that elevates corporate performance. With tools like SAP SAC, SAP DWC, and SAP Group Reporting, financial processes can be more effectively controlled and continuously optimized, leading to increased operational efficiency.

From data integration to decision power

T4/Connect promotes a unified data landscape, while the Microsoft Power Platform enables in-depth data analysis and visualizations to optimize business processes and make data-driven decisions. Maximize your business efficiency and decision speed with T4/Connect and Microsoft Power Platform – your key to an integrated and intelligent data world.

Intuitive innovation with valantic

valantic’s tools and platforms combine user-friendliness with future-proofing by blending intuitive usability with access to the latest technologies to ensure sustainable business success.

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