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(R)Evolution of the brand-to-human relationship

Personalization with valantic

Personalization? Sure, we've all heard it before. It feels like this trend has been around forever: Products tailored to personal customer experiences, configurability (of cars, for example), but also the possibility of individualization (initials on a pair of sneakers) have been a well-known and lived practice for decades. Nice, but not what we at valantic understand by it when we speak of the “digital now”. Digitalization creates for the first time what was not possible in the last decades: personalized relationship offers instead of product personalization for the masses; a true brand-to-human relationship.

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What helps customers also helps you

Personalization adding value through data

The exciting promise of personalization is closely linked to advances in technology and data. At valantic, we are at the forefront of this progress. With the goal of creating more personalized and “human” experiences at relevant moments across channels and buying stages, we are radically rethinking the customer journey. Personalization creates relevance. This not only ensures added value for customers but also for the entire organization. Some of the benefits are obvious:

  • strengthening customer engagement
  • consolidation of customer loyalty
  • reduction of acquisition costs
  • increase in marketing ROI
  • improved aftersales & service experience

Personalization thrives on data quality.

"Hello Mr. Marcel, ..."

For an excellent customer experience, you cannot rely on your customers being understanding and simply laughing off mishaps. A salutation that sounds off or any other form of misplaced information can be real stumbling blocks in the respective context. Magic word: data governance. Fundamentally well-sorted data helps you to get the simplest things right; and if you get them right, they unfold their full potential.

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All digital touchpoints can be personalized, first and foremost, your own website. This way, your website also becomes the website of your customers.

personalized by valantic

In order to find the perfect solution according to individual requirements, we at valantic work in a technology-agnostic way. However, we roughly know what might be of interest to you. Whether it is personalized product recommendations or completely personalized customer journeys – with these technologies, we can cover it all:

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