Integrated Planning in the era of digital transformation with SAP IBP

SAP Integrated Business Planning

With SAP Integrated Business Planning, modern enterprises can prepare their planning processes for faster moving markets and rising expectations of their customers in the digital era.
SAP IBP supports all components of an integrated Sales & Operations Planning and provides functionalities for collaboration using the social network SAP JAM. Because of its modular concept and a high degree of configuration possibilities, IBP can also be adapted to your individual requirements in an optimal way.

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SAP IBP – the right support for every task

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Fabian Stocker, Vice President S&OP of valantic

valantic is SAP Partner for SAP Integrated Business Planning. In an interview Fabian Stocker, Vice President S&OP of valantic explains, how integrated planning can succeed in the era of digital transformation. The success recipe there is and remains integrated process and SAP consulting including organization. SAP Integrated Business Planning supports all planning processes, from demand planning to sales and operations planning on through to capacity planning and the prioritization of customer orders.

Our offer in the field of IBP

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Case Study

thyssenkrupp takes the leap to the cloud with SAP IBP

Krefeld thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe GmbH acts as a processing specialist for steel and aluminum, and also as a supplier to the automotive industry. It is therefore subject to major fluctuations in demand and high price and competitive pressure. With the support of valantic, the company implemented the cloud solution SAP IBP for integrated, partially automated sales, purchasing and disposition planning to increase efficiency potential.

thyssenkrupp takes the leap to the cloud with SAP IBP

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Benefits of SAP IBP

SAP Integrated Business Planning is able to support all planning processes from demand planning, capacity planning and priorization of customer orders to balance demand and supply effectively. This is enabled by a powerful SAP HANA database in the cloud and in-memory technology that allows data processing in real-time. To keep the leading system always up-to-date and to reach higher levels of data consistency, IBP can be fully integrated into the current IT landscape by using the SAP HANA Cloud Integration. With the web interface of Fiori and Microsoft Excel as planning interface, SAP sets new standards in usability.

One consistent data model

More quality through faster planning cycles

Quick and easy comparison of scenarios with simulation

Integrated planning – no differing plans

End-to-end transparency

User-friendly web and Excel interfaces

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Picture of Fabian Stocker, Partner und Vice President Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) at valantic

Fabian Stocker

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