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Multichannel Publishing

In an omnichannel world, single-source publishing and multichannel publishing are basic requirements for any kind of market presence. After all, it’s about delivering an outstanding customer experience on every channel and at every touchpoint.

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Preferably, personalized. Without silo mentality and media discontinuity – from digital and mobile to analog and print, in the direction of POS and digital signage. Everything from one source, from a central content hub or data repository.

At valantic, we develop efficient cross-channel solutions to provide your target group with the content they are looking for – and to impress your users along the entire customer journey! Always with a focus on: optimized workflows, no redundancies, and clear publishing processes. Make it holistic or don’t bother doing it at all – that’s our credo at valantic.

What is multichannel publishing?

An attempt at a definition

We live in an age in which it is completely normal to consume different media. Some still prefer to read print newspapers, others enjoy the convenience of the news ticker on social media, and still others swear by podcasts. It is important to respond to this fact – with multichannel publishing. Simply put, it’s the simultaneous publication of content on different channels and platforms.

Print or digital: If you want to reach and inspire as many people as possible with your products and services, you have to be present on all relevant channels. But this also makes it apparent that managing content can quickly become complex and time-consuming. This is where our multi-channel publishing solutions come in.

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What are the advantages of multichannel publishing?

In order to publish cross-media content efficiently and successfully, special multichannel publishing software is the ideal solution. The advantages of this kind of software are obvious:

  • a multifunctional tool for creating, managing, editing and publishing content
  • facilitated team collaboration
  • more productivity thanks to optimized workflows
  • professional possibilities for analysis & monitoring
  • higher revenues due to a wider reach
  • clear added value for existing customers through a uniform brand experience
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Are you taking full advantage of your content potential? There are several indications that there is still room for improvement and that a multichannel publishing solution would make sense:

  • Production costs are high.
  • Your business model is outdated.
  • The distribution of existing content works rather poorly.
  • Collaboration within the team could be improved.
  • The focus isn’t on the readers.

How do we approach this topic at valantic? We usually start with a workshop in which the strategic orientation and technical specifications are defined. Individual solutions and measures are then derived from this. All of this is done in a data-centric manner, combined with in-depth industry know-how as a reliable basis.

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