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Connected Planning with Anaplan

  • Use change to your advantage!
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Anaplan sets new standards for networked business planning

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Business planning is facing a paradigm shift. Fast-moving digital processes, rising volatility, and global and organizational changes are leading to ever-increasing complexity. Traditional planning and old-established processes often reach their limits. In our planning workshop, you will learn how you can benefit from continuous change thanks to networked planning.

Successful thanks to networked processes: The Anaplan platform is based on Hyperblock™ technology developed specifically in-house for the networking of planning. This technology enables you to create dynamic, collaborative, and intelligent planning, and it links your data, processes, and users across departments. Large, global companies are already using the Anaplan solution to connect their employees, data, and plans.

The result: Anaplan’s Connected Planning takes place in real time, enabling companies to make better, informed decisions, even in rapidly changing business environments.

For years, Anaplan has been a strategic partner to valantic. Our experienced consultants are certified Model Builders & Solution Architects who work according to Anaplan best practices and coach

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Whitepaper: Why companies should rely on Connected Planning now!

How can you take advantage of constant change right away? Using practical examples, we will show you how companies are confronting the challenges of today’s planning.

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Anaplan also scores points with almost unlimited flexibility. For us, this is a basic requirement so that planning to efficiently accommodate rapid company developments. Enhancement of models in Anaplan does not require any programming knowledge. Process control and developments remain in the hands of the specialist departments and modelers. valantic’s comprehensive project approach, which not only conveys knowledge, but also intensively and sustainably supports its transfer into practice, was tailored to the implementation of projects in Anaplan.

There are many different areas of application for Anaplan. Almost every planning process can be mapped in it. While many other planning platforms can generate reports or consolidate actual figures just as well, Anaplan’s real strength lies in its assessment of the future. Thanks to the uncomplicated generation of flexible views and scenarios based on statistical predictive models, the use of advanced predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, Anaplan casts light into the shadows – in a collaborative process – and creates the ideal conditions for agile decision-making. In addition, Anaplan customers can benefit from over 200 pre-defined planning models in almost all industries and areas of application, as well as free training courses.

The right Connected Planning implementation partner ist critical

valantic always supports its business partners as well as possible and works with them with determination to help strategic projects succeed.

Our Anaplan consultants… 

  • are well-trained and certified by the provider
  • Have deep industry and technical understanding of your planning processes,
  • have extensive experience in planning projects in numerous core industries, including retail, pharmaceuticals, logistics, insurance, and fashion
  • support the necessary cultural and organizational change as experienced change managers,
  • Make the claim to be No. 1 and always exceed your expectations.

Out-of-the-box FP&A accelerator on Anaplan

Demo video

In the financial sector in particular, companies must react faster than ever to keep up with constantly changing market events. Previous planning methods often have large gaps and are too slow to convert market challenges into competitive advantages.

The Connected Planning Platform Anaplan enables scenarios to be quickly adapted to changing environmental influences, thereby linking corporate goals with financial plans and operational business – completely independent of IT!

Get valuable insights into how you transform your finance operations for better, faster decision-making and competitive advantage in the 7-minute FP&A accelerator on Anaplan demo video.

That's why companies should act now!

Work more efficiently, gain faster insights, increase security, reduce risk

  1. Make better decisions

    Linking data, decision-making processes, and users creates the basis for more effective and efficient planning. Thanks to a collaborative real-time planning process on a user-friendly planning platform, stakeholders at all levels benefit from improved information.

  2. Create competitive advantages

    Traditional planning approaches cost time and money because they are inflexible and not tailored to your company. With networked planning, you can respond faster to change, manage complexity, and adapt plans at any time. Companies with integrated planning processes enjoy not only operational but also financial benefits.

  3. Technical requirements for implementation are minimal

    Because Anaplan is cloud-based and IT-agnostic, no technical arrangements have to be made. The IT department does not have to spend resources on implementation or operation. Anaplan co-exists seamlessly with third-party systems that can be connected easily. Thanks to “business-owned” processes, they remain independent and flexible.


Excellence in know-how transfer – also in webinars. Below you will find a selection of webinars on the topics of Connected Planning with Anaplan.

Websession: What´s new in Anaplan
Session: What's new in Anaplan

Our experts will present the latest features and developments of the Anaplan platform, e.g. New UX and PlanIQ.

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