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Visibility & Brand Building

At valantic, we believe good content must be easily discoverable. Visibility is key to effective brand building. Whether online or offline, successful brand development is a continuous process, shaping the user experience across all communication channels.

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A well-developed communication concept and clear messages – tailored to the respective channels – is indispensable for both visibility and brand building. Customers need to know exactly what we have in mind at all times and in all places.

Here's how it works How to become visible and be remembered

So what do we have to do to become visible and be remembered? The first step is to use content to create a need and to address specific issues. The secret sauce: search and social listening tools! This ensures your content will be found, or in other words, that it can be found by your potential customers. In order to increase visibility, it is important to consider the totality of all keywords.

By the way, Google Ads – in addition to SEO – help ensure visibility in the search network. In the case of paid ads, we can guarantee that your content will appear in the top positions for the most important search queries.

Brand building is all about reaching new users. Channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google Display or running ads on premium publisher sites (special interest) are ideal for this. They allow us to target users with paid ads. In other words, we can reach exactly those users with our advertising who are potential customers. But more on that later.

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Getting started: the content strategy

So that everything goes according to plan

What goal am I pursuing with the respective content pieces? Which keywords do I want to rank for and where? How should the navigation of my website be structured? What do I need to consider in the text structure for various channels? What other potentials from content marketing should I exploit? And how can I optimize existing content?

If you want to reach users as efficiently as possible and retain them as customers, you need a tailor-made content concept. This forms the basis for creating content that will be found and shared. Objectives, keyword research, structure, content marketing measures, optimization, … Considerations like these all belong in a good content roadmap.

Sounds overwhelming? We get it! And that’s exactly why we’d love to help you create the perfect concept for your business.

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Quick excursus: the 3-H model

Content in hero, hub and help format

Create content – but do it right! For this purpose, our marketing professionals like to work with the Hero-Hub-Help Model (3-H model). In our experience, this is a tried and tested way of categorizing content. While hero content serves to generate attention and gets advertised accordingly, hub content helps to influence purchasing decisions. Help content, on the other hand, provides answers to the users’ most burning questions and thus belongs to the classic pull marketing measures.

What your model includes depends on your goals – or rather, on the needs of your target groups. Want to know more? We’d be glad to share our insights! We can’t wait to learn more about your project.

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(Visual) Storytelling

Telling stories – in text and images

Every type of corporate communication tells a story. That’s why it’s important to highlight stories that no one else has told yet. Emotions and authenticity draw attention and stimulate interaction. And that’s what we’re all about. About visibility and brand building. And also about creating both textual and visual opportunities for your customers to identify with you and your brand – from inspiring web copy to fascinating images.

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Social media marketing

Organic and paid in perfect harmony

Social media marketing is all about communication between companies and customers. The goal is to build a loyal community that wants to be regularly “fed” with new information. At valantic, we know from experience that a good mix of organic reach and paid ads leads to the best results.

To make you irreplaceable and cherished as a brand, you need to find ways to emotionally engage your audience. This can be achieved with content that offers clear added value. Social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest or even TikTok are amazingly effective tools in this context. They allow you to get in touch with customers in their private environment. This works for market research (what do my customers want?) as well as for announcing new products or services.

With the help of paid advertisements, we make potential customers aware of your brand. Once interest has been aroused, we use unpaid organic content to create lasting loyalty among users. Like a website, a well-maintained social media channel has the potential to be a fully-fledged sales channel.

We are happy to work towards your success with paid ads in the following areas:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • Twitch Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Content Marketing
  • Special Interest Marketing
For the optimal customer experience

Certain platforms offer advertisers the opportunity to precisely select their target group. The options for this targeted approach range

  • from geographic regions such as federal states or towns
  • to demographic characteristics such as age and gender
  • to personal targeting characteristics such as interests, job titles, or life stages (pregnancy, marriage, recently moved, etc.).


The benefits for you and your company are obvious: Only selected people who are relevant to your products or services see your content. According to the motto “less is more”, this usually leads to: more leads, more inquiries, more purchases or downloads – all depending on the goals we have defined together in advance.

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