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At valantic, diverse strategies lead to improved web performance tailored to your company’s needs. Whether through SEA, WPO, or social media, integrating performance marketing into your media mix is crucial for selling products and generating leads. Let’s explore the essence of this term together.

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Better performance thanks to pull marketing From the user's point of view

In general, performance marketing is understood to mean the increased use of pull measures in marketing. Which brings us to the next buzzword. What is pull marketing? It is a demand-oriented marketing method that is preceded by the user’s search intention. Potential customers actively approach the communicating company. A concrete demand is met with relevant content.

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Classic pull marketing channels are

  • search networks: Google Ads, Microsoft Ads
  • search marketing: Google Search, Microsoft Search
  • Google Shopping

Campaign success with valantic Marketing campaigns that work

Not everyone knows how to implement successful campaigns. We do! Our goal is to get our clients’ products and services to rank in the top search positions in the most important search engines. To achieve this, we focus on data-driven, feed-based campaigns – always keeping an eye on the ROAS (return on advertising spend). Regardless of whether you prioritize margins or leads: We know which search terms to place your ads on.

What about Google Ads? Through specific geographic targeting, Google Ads offers the opportunity to focus on exactly those search queries that are relevant to your business. Through prior in-depth research, we find out and define these search terms together. Measuring the results ensures that every advertising euro invested is put to the best possible use.

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Social commerce

Selling products via social media

Active participation of customers, personal relationships, and a lively exchange: All this characterizes social commerce – and makes this form of e-commerce interesting for performance marketing. In addition to standard pull measures, we also focus on proactive product sales or lead generation via social networks. Similar to Google Shopping, products are automatically displayed on Facebook or Instagram to pre-defined sets of users. To people who, on the one hand, match your target group and, on the other hand, are currently in the process of buying something according to platform data.

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Performance = more than marketing

A holistic view of success on the web

In line with valantic’s 360-degree customer experience approach, we understand performance marketing to be more than just the skillful use of the measures already mentioned. Marketing alone is not the be-all and end-all. We are aware of the importance of a holistic view of the framework conditions:

  • What do the landing pages look like? Do the intended content pages meet the requirements of the campaign?
  • Do users find all the information they need on the page, or do we need to revise, optimize, expand or shorten the content?
  • Does the design of the landing page need to be optimized to make it easier for users to convert?
  • How do users behave on the website in general?
  • What does the data in the background reveal?
  • Can we use CRO to improve the performance of the page in order to increase the conversion rate?
  • Is the advertised product competitive?
  • What targeting makes sense? How can we get more revenue out of every marketing euro spent? (ROAS)

As you can see: All measures are analysed and reviewed on an ongoing basis – and the objectives defined together with you are subject to constant success monitoring. We don’t guess or follow our gut feeling to determine whether the measures we have implemented make sense. We know based on reliable figures from various tools. No more shooting in the dark. This approach allows us to identify exactly which levers to pull to further improve performance.

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Web performance optimization by valantic

CRO, SEO & more

Web performance optimization. Another word that merits further explanation. The term covers the analysis and optimization as well as monitoring and reporting of SEO projects. From a technical, structural and content perspective. Sounds promising? It is – and it’s much more comprehensive than the more common term “search engine optimization” suggests …

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CRO & testing

Systematic performance success

Wouldn’t it be nice if your organization could grow easier, faster and better? At valantic, we know how to achieve that: by using data to improve your customers’ online experiences. By the way, this offers clear advantages on all channels relevant to your company.

The following measures facilitate continuous improvement:

  • A/B testing: digital growth
  • psychological CRO: user first, consumer research
  • conversion design: conversion rate optimization, Google Optimize
  • personalization & segmentation
  • data-driven decisions
  • implementation experimentation framework

Excellent support from the strategy to its implementation Search engine optimization

Anyone who deals with web performance will sooner or later also come across the topic of SEO. After all, search engine optimization has long been considered the foundation of every well-performing website. At valantic, we have decades of experience in this area. Nevertheless, not all SEO is the same – and if you want to generate sustainable traffic, you should think about your strategy.

We are happy to support you in finding the measures that will bring your company the greatest possible uplift. We know our way around the following areas:

Technical SEO:

  • internal programmatic linking
  • page speed optimization
  • sitemap
  • JavaScript & Ajax
  • indexing issues


Content SEO:

  • ranking & converting
  • content with added value for users
  • target groups
  • skimming
  • leading users to conversion


SEO for user signals:

  • leveraging effects of CRO & testing
  • A/B testing
  • dwell time
  • page scroll depth
  • conversion rate
  • bounce rate
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Tracking & data analysis

Gut feeling won’t get you anywhere when it comes to determining the success of your performance marketing measures. Do you agree? Perfect! Because tracking, data analysis and evaluation are fixed elements of web performance optimization at valantic. This allows us to make reliable statements on how successful your website really is. Decisions regarding further development are no longer made based on intuition but are data-driven.

For this purpose, we use the following tools, among others:

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics Universal
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Matomo
  • Hotjar
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