Decarbonize your value chain

SAP Sustainability Solutions: Greater sustainability all down the line

Calculate the CO2 footprint, gain transparency about ESG factors, and create compliant reports – the SAP Sustainability Control Tower (SAP SCT) and SAP Sustainability Footprint Management (SAP SFM) solutions from the SAP Sustainability Portfolio will help you fulfill these and other sustainability requirements.

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With the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) adopted by the European Union, significantly more EU companies will have to expand their reporting to include environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) aspects starting in 2025. The SAP Sustainability Portfolio provides comprehensive support for this. The SAP Sustainability Control Tower solution offers a holistic approach to greater ESG transparency, which can be used, among other things, for sustainability reports. The SAP Sustainability Footprint Management solution, on the other hand, periodically calculates the CO2 footprint by product, business activity, and mode of transportation and contributes to decarbonizing your value chain. valantic will provide expert advice and serve as your partner to realize your sustainability solutions. Our experts will help you in all phases of your project – from conception to implementation.

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Greater sustainability with SAP Sustainability Footprint Management

Learn in our webinar how SAP Sustainability Footprint Management can calculate your CO2 footprint by product, business activity, and mode of transportation.

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Meet sustainability requirements with SAP

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Use detailed data to make your value chain more sustainable

Creating sustainability reports in accordance with legal requirements, establishing emissions management, and decarbonizing their value chain pose a number of challenges for companies. In addition to direct emissions – Scope 1 emissions – compliant ESG reporting must also report indirect CO2 emissions. These are greenhouse gases generated by the production of purchased energy (Scope 2) and by suppliers (Scope 3). For companies obliged to report, this means collecting and consolidating a lot of data from a variety of sources. If product-specific emission factors are not available, they must either collect them or use estimated values from special databases.

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Challenges and opportunities of ESG reporting

To navigate the complex landscape of sustainability reporting, companies need dedicated strategies and tools. Because there is a great need for action: Those who fail to comply with their reporting duties risk significant fines and damage to their image. But systematic emissions management also offers competitive advantages – not only for reporting companies: It helps to conserve resources, reduce costs, and drive innovation. In addition, transparent ESG reporting not only strengthens the trust of stakeholders and investors, but also the image for customers and potential employees. Finally, transparent emissions data serves as the basis for sound strategic decisions in corporate governance. All are important aspects for strengthening a company’s competitiveness.

Comprehensive SAP portfolio for sustainability management

SAP’s modular sustainability portfolio reflects all emissions management requirements. It offers a high degree of automation, and, according to experts, it is one of the leading ESG reporting technologies. In addition, the architecture of SAP sustainability solutions ensures seamless integration with existing applications, facilitating direct access to various internal, external, and third-party data sources. Additional benefits for sustainability reporting include turnkey integration with SAP S/4HANA Cloud and with SAP Analytics Cloud.

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SAP Sustainability Control Tower creates transparency

SAP Sustainability Control Tower (SAP SCT) is a cloud solution for holistic ESG reporting. The platform serves as a comprehensive tool for monitoring and managing sustainability performance. It automates the aggregation of environmental, social, and governance data from multiple sources, making it easier to analyze and visualize reporting-relevant information: SAP SCT not only enables data import from SAP applications such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP Sustainability Footprint Management, and SAP Environment, Health and Safety. It’s also easy to connect third-party systems to the solution.

Support for corporate governance

The solution runs on the SAP Business Technology Platform, provides real-time insights, and actively helps with control and decision-making processes. Custom dashboards and reports enable various stakeholders to better understand their ESG goals and identify immediate needs for action. These are crucial levers for implementing the required sustainability reporting and ensuring low-CO2 business processes.

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Keep an eye on your CO2 footprint with SAP Sustainability Footprint Management

SAP Sustainability Footprint Management (SAP SFM) enables the continuous calculation and analysis of the CO2 footprint of products across their entire life cycle. This makes it easy to track and manage environmental impacts along the supply chain. Thanks to integration with SAP S/4HANA, current business data can be used in real time. The data imported from source systems is enriched with CO2 information to show the current baseline. It can be used to derive recommendations for reducing emissions.

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Make better decisions

By providing periodic emissions data, the cloud solution shows, for example, in which production phase a particularly large amount of greenhouse gas is emitted. This is how it helps companies make informed decisions about ways to decarbonize their supply chain. The information about the carbon footprint can be integrated seamlessly into central business processes. This creates a better understanding of the product portfolio’s CO2 footprint within the organization. At the same time, SAP SFM minimizes the cost of calculating, analyzing, and reporting product-specific emissions.

SAP SFM runs on the SAP Business Technology Platform and can be integrated with other SAP sustainability solutions, such as SAP Sustainability Control Tower and SAP Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS).

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Triple the value with SAP SFM

Precise sustainability

SAP SFM enables precise and detailed emissions monitoring that goes far beyond conventional methods – and enables a high degree of automation.

Holistic transparency

SAP SFM serves as a single source of truth for all sustainability data – thus setting the course for structured decarbonization.

Strategic decision support

SAP SFM paves the way for efficient reporting – and helps companies make strategic decisions sustainably.

SAP SCT product sheet

Product sheet SAP SCT

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Product sheet SAP SFM

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valantic assists you with your sustainability transformation

valantic helps customers from different industries with their sustainability transformation. Our experts provide comprehensive support – from determining your company’s current state to developing an ESG strategy to implementing digital technologies for their implementation. With our extensive expertise in end-to-end networked business processes, we address all stages of your company’s value chain.

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What we can offer

  • Comprehensive emissions inventory
  • Identification of specific use cases for decarbonization of the supply chain
  • Development of a detailed ESG roadmap
  • Implementation and integration of SAP SFM and SAP SCT
  • End-to-end support for sustainability transformation

Your benefits

  • You know where you stand in terms of sustainability
  • You understand how to reduce your CO2 footprint
  • You are aware of the milestones on the road to climate neutrality
  • You will benefit from largely automated reporting
  • You will reliably fulfill compliance requirements

Your contact for SAP Sustainability

Matthias Locher, Senior Consultant & Sustainability SAP Product Owner, valantic

Matthias Locher

Sustainability SAP Product Owner