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Investec automates payments investigations with valantic FSA’s FinCase

Investec has successfully bolstered its commitment to outstanding customer service with the implementation of financial services automation specialist valantic FSA sophisticated investigations application, FinCase.
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Portfolio Trading on an upward trajectory – valantic FSA’s latest Sell-Side Fixed Income Expert Network Report

The latest report, in association with Acuiti reveals that Sell-Side Fixed Income Expert Network participants are witnessing a continuous electronification trend in fixed income markets. Clients demand greater efficiency, leading to more firms connecting to electronic platforms and automating their workflows.
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valantic FSA partners with dwpbank on digital assets platform launch

Deutsche WertpapierService Bank AG (dwpbank), Germany's leading provider of securities services, has successfully launched the “wpNex” platform for digital assets and conducted pilot transactions with crypto assets for retail customers.
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The opportunity amid the volatility
Our sixth Sell-Side Fixed Income Expert Network Report reflects on the performance and challenges within global fixed income markets amid considerable volatility. It highlights how market volatility has assisted clients in navigating uncertainties but underscores persistent challenges such as budget constraints and limited internal risk appetite in many firms.
The long wave of electronification in fixed income
In our 5th report, we examine the deepening electronification of fixed income markets. This is a secular trend that has been taking place for many years, and continues to gain momentum as clients demand greater efficiency in their operations. We also look at the broader impact of market volatility this year, including senior executives’ sentiment on staffing and broader financial stability.
Enabling instant cross-border payments
Payment methods around the world have undergone significant changes in recent years, with emerging technologies and innovation driving speed, efficiency, and transparency. So, what lies on the road ahead for banks? One thing is for sure: banks need to be ready for the revolution.



Clearing the path to financial innovation: erasing technical debt in the digital age.

In the fast-moving world of financial services, progress hinges on innovation and adaptability. Yet, a significant number of organizations in this sector find themselves constrained by the weight of technical debt.
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With SEPA, Europe has access to instant payments.

By seamlessly connecting financial institutions and adhering to stringent security protocols, the SEPA Instant Credit Transfer system addresses longstanding challenges, enhances business agility, facilitates cross-border trade, meets consumer expectations, encourages economic growth, and reduces operational costs.
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What impact will ISO 20022 have on cryptocurrencies?

As cryptocurrency faces trust challenges, the upcoming adoption of ISO 20022 could be a game-changer. Read how this global financial standard enhances communication, data quality, compliance, and interoperability in crypto, fostering transparency and trust.
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