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UX and UI: crazy creativity

Digital experiences are based on creativity and a sophisticated design. It has to be smart, simple, intuitive – but also visually appealing and inspiring. After all, it’s all about accompanying customers along their customer journey. And about convincing them of a company, a brand or a product, ultimately achieving a satisfactory outcome for everyone.

Photo of three colleagues having coffee.
Photo of a young man gesturing with his hands to explain something to his colleague.

To make all this possible, it takes more than colorful images and an out-of-the-box template. It takes a heaping scoop of UX and UI. Design means thinking about interactions, understanding the needs of customers, and supporting them with logic and intuition. When it comes to the digital customer experience, the wise statement “form follows function” – made by sculptor Horatio Greenough in 1852 – still applies today.

Photo of the glass facade of the valantic CX office in Salzburg.

Admittedly: A lot has happened since then, including in the areas of UX/UI. Today, practically the entire design process is data-driven – from the first scribbles and mockups to the already testable prototypes and the final multi-device interaction and motion design. Of course, including all micro-interactions and a lot of visual magic.

At valantic, we like to speak of visual masterpieces.

A picture says more ... ... than 1,000 words.

Smart design is more than just beautiful. It starts with the information architecture, which is developed together with you, using analytics and data science methods. It continues with a design-thinking-based storyboard and interaction development and ends with integrated wireframing and prototyping – always adaptive and responsive, of course. There’s a lot going on. But enough keyword stuffing: Let’s just have a few images speak for themselves.

Brainstorming session on the topic of content & social media
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