A revolution on all channels

Customer Engagement, now!

In the “digital now,” customer engagement marks a new era, breaking away from one-size-fits-all communication and traditional sender-receiver roles. Social media networks connect all actors, fostering dynamic exchanges. The era of data has arrived, unveiling realms of data-driven customer engagement.

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valantic and the digital transformation

Customer engagement in five words: One voice to the customer

Essentially, a transformation of your entire business is imminent – because “one voice to the customer” means becoming a one-touch front-office organization. All this really means is that all processes that are customer-facing in any way, shape or form (sales, customer service, marketing) will be even closer to customers and even more customer-centric in the future.

Let’s be real: The digital transformation seems to make everything more complex somehow. But complex does not necessarily mean complicated. With us, it certainly won’t be! Customer engagement – as an element of the “digital now” – is indispensable for CRM-based customer loyalty strategies at valantic.

We promise: It will be hard work but also a lot of fun. Customer engagement isn’t a castle in the sky any longer – but it will be cloud-based.

Everything will change The customer engagement revolution

Magic word: marketing. Digitalization brings with it a lot of novelty. Where the annual campaign used to take up a fixed period of time in the marketing schedule, parallel campaigns are now possible on demand. Because of a variety of channels and assets, messages and moments, the allocation of the target group in the funnel will have to be driven by real data in the future. Which aspect of the annual campaign gets shown will be determined between pull and push.

Individual customer journeys instead of campaigns based on the watering-can principle are the essence of customer engagement.

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For and from customers – with love

B2C, B2B, B2E or B2X: The customer is always a human being.

And people have never fit well into standardized models.

With the help of a variety of digital touchpoints, channels and devices, as well as a solid data strategy, this new complexity holds a unique potential: the possibility to know our standing with customers in real time.

Every interaction is a favor on the part of your customers. And for us, it is always a signal. Even though the increased complexity through more comparability and easier access to different buying platforms gives customers more freedom and opportunities to decide against your brand: You can recognize that a purchase decision is imminent. And then you can maximize your chances.

The individual sub-disciplines will remain, but they will require a common operating model as part of a holistic strategy.

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A digital renaissance

Data is at the core of digital transformation.

One data silo rarely comes alone. That’s why 100 % (in words: one hundred per cent!) commitment is required when converting, building or expanding a robust but at the same time flexible data structure.

No stone will be left unturned. In our case, however, it is processes instead of bricks. And these changes will affect the entire company.

  • Marketing and sales processes must be thought of in an increasingly integrated way.
  • Aftersales and customer service processes are becoming essential elements of the customer experience.

Every one of our employees you will meet in the course of your project will be able to explain to you with contagious passion why customer engagement is the future.

Ready for the next level of customer engagements?

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