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Integrating content into the purchasing process

Content Commerce

A well-developed e-business strategy is the foundation of digital business success. A strategy that captivates customers across channels in both B2C and B2B environments. Content commerce is an important part of this. Nowadays, it is more important than ever to stand out from the competition with good content. At valantic, we approach this topic with great passion and concentrated expertise. So that what belongs together comes together – content and commerce.

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Always front and center: unique online experiences against the backdrop of agile and homogeneous system architecture. Find out all about content commerce by valantic now!

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What is content commerce?

Making products & services tangible

Content commerce is about linking products and content in order to provide customers with the best possible support in the digital purchasing process. In other words, content gets integrated into the customer’s purchasing process. In this way, content commerce is at the heart of the entire customer journey – from the emergence of a specific need to product selection, the product’s purchase and subsequent use.

So, the goal of content commerce is to embed products – and, of course, also services – in a story, and to do so holistically. As in a personal sales conversation, customers need to get a feel for the product. Ideally, a desire is created both via web copy and visual content. This then leads to conversion – i.e., a purchase, an inquiry, a download, etc.

The following three aspects characterize content commerce:

  1. Communication at eye level: Customers should feel as though they were involved in a personal sales conversation. Needs-oriented and authentic communication is key.
  2. Convincing arguments: It’s not about aggressively promoting products – quite the opposite. Competent advice along with convincing arguments that are relevant to the user lead to a conversion.
  3. Embedding the story in the commerce context: Content and commerce need to be seen as one to be able to provide end customers with the best possible shopping experience. At all touchpoints along the entire customer journey.
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What are the benefits of content commerce?

The most important advantages at a glance

When used correctly, content commerce brings the following benefits:

  • unique customer experiences through individualized, entertaining as well as inspiring shopping experiences – similar to shopping in brick-and-mortar stores
  • higher conversion rate and lower purchase abandonment rate
  • standing out from the competition through high-quality, relevant content
  • fewer returns and less work for customer service thanks to more comprehensive product information
  • better rankings due to increased organic traffic (unique content with relevant keywords)
  • strengthening of expert status through knowledge transfer

First things first: the content commerce strategy

This is how valantic approaches the topic of content commerce

Content commerce does not magically work from one moment to the next. The respective measures must be systematically planned, integrated into existing processes and implemented. This requires a strategy that is both carefully developed and regularly evaluated. A joint strategy workshop forms the foundation for further collaboration. In the process, we get to the bottom of the following questions:

  1. Goal: What do you want to achieve with content commerce?
  2. Need groups/personas: Who do you want to reach with your activities?
  3. Added value: What benefits do you want to offer your target groups?
  4. Tactics: What do you want to use to help your customers make a purchase decision?
  5. Channel: Which target groups can you reach at which touchpoints?
  6. (SEO) potential: What opportunities are there to combine content and commerce?
  7. Resources: What resources does it take to create relevant content?
  8. Budget: What does it cost to implement the project?

The perfect mix – powered by valantic If content commerce, make it holistic

Content management system or store solution? With us, you get both! Nothing more and nothing less than the perfect content-commerce mix. A synergy of the two simplifies the management of product data. In addition, products can be quickly and easily enriched with relevant content. Here’s what valantic does in the area of content commerce:

  • E-Commerce: development and integration of complex e-commerce and omnichannel solutions
  • Digital Marketing: from data collection and audits to the creation and publication of editorial and visual content to analysis and monitoring
  • Data Management: integrated and flexible solutions for product information, master data and digital asset management
  • Multichannel Publishing: cross-channel content management and content commerce solutions
  • Systems Integration: innovative services for digital transformation, merging and consolidating data and applications.

Content commerce is on your digital agenda?

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