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Sales & Operations Planning with waySuite - your benefit for the processes

A lot of tasks have to be planned regularly in a supply chain. On the one hand, these are frequently daily, operative planning tasks such as operative procurement and disposition, production planning, and the scheduling of new customer orders.

Sales & operations planning (S&OP) is done less frequently – in some cases on a rolling basis per month – but for a much longer horizon. The best possible forecasts of future sales are made using demand planning. In a second step of S&OP, the feasibility of these sales is checked and the entire supply chain is oriented toward them.

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A central task of supply chain management is also to coordinate complex, long-running projects as well as possible across several departments with project planning and project management. Comprehensive planning thus includes all relevant value-creating processes, from development to sales. An essential success factor for efficient supply chain management is the continuous monitoring of supply chain performance with a suitable KPI system and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) tool.

The handling of the planning tasks should be reflected in order to keep planners up-to-date at all times and enable optimal production control. For this, reports are provided from the shop floor via suitable production control systems or manufacturing execution systems (MES) or information is read in from plant data collection. The efficient and fast communication of planning system and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an essential guarantee of the great transparency and up-to-dateness of planning and master data.

waySuite supports the planning situations described thanks to integrative software modules with a high-performance interface between ERP system and the waySuite planning tool.

You can learn more here about how waySuite is structured, what the individual modules and components include, how they work together, and what the benefits of this software are for your integrated company planning.

Mockup Whitepaper Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) with the valantic waySuite
Whitepaper Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) with waySuite

Sales, project, production, and procurement planning optimally attuned
to one another.

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waySuite - the software suite for Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

Sales, project, production, and procurement planning optimally attuned to one another

waySuite offers companies the opportunity to handle the entire sales & operations planning (S&OP) process in real time. Thanks to waySuite’s real-time capability, users can coordinate sales plans, production capacities, and raw material with one another very efficiently across all planning horizons. From automatic sales plan forecasts to fine production planning on through to real-time availability checks in Realtime, the waySUITE enables complete integration of all planning levels in one tool.

Infographic Integrated Sales and Operations Planning SOP with the waySuite, valantic waySuite

The people in charge of production and supply chain management (SCM) focus on upcoming operative planning tasks every day. These include operative procurement and disposition, production planning, and the scheduling of new customer orders. Here, many decisions have to be made each day, so it’s important to keep an eye on the short-term planning horizon as well.

Within sales & operations planning (S&OP), the people in charge plan once a month or sometimes for a longer period of time. On the one hand, this affects demand planning, with which the best possible forecasts of future sales are identified. In a second step, wayRTS checks the feasibility of these sales figures and orients the entire supply chain according to them. Based on this information, strategic decisions can be made for long-term production planning and control:

Another central task of supply chain management is project planning, including project management of complex and long-running projects in order to coordinate all involved departments as well as possible. Comprehensive planning thus includes all relevant value-creating processes, from development to sales. An essential success factor for efficient S&OP or advanced planning & scheduling system (APS) such as valantic’s waySuite is the continuous monitoring of supply chain performance through a suitable KPI system and key performance indicator (KPI) tool (see wayKPI).

The planning results should be reflected in real time in order to provide the people in charge with the best possible information at all times and guarantee optimal production control.

The efficient and fast communication of planning system and ERP/SAP systems is an essential guarantee of the great transparency and up-to-dateness of planning and master data. waySuite supports the planning situations described thanks to integrative software modules with a standardized interface between the ERP/SAP system and waySuite. This is how waySuite helps users with all planning tasks along the company’s supply chain.

Benefits for your processes

  • Increased adherence to schedules
  • Reduced effort for planning & control
  • Increased productivity
  • Shorter throughput times
  • Optimized inventories

Planning and control of production with wayRTS

Transparency in the supply chain

The advanced planning & scheduling (APS) software wayRTS (Real Time Simulation) is high-performance software for production planning and control in real time of all a company’s value-creation levels. wayRTS makes planning transparent and gives users the opportunity to undertake easy interventions with planning support that can be automated at will.

Thanks to the flexible, main memory-based data structure, wayRTS enables the modeling of production processes and seamless integration and synchronization of other value-creating processes, for example in the pre-production phase (design, planning, work preparation, etc.). And all this in real time.

Automation of regular planning tasks

Here's how supply chain planning processes can be automated easily

There is always optimization potential in production planning, and in conjunction with this also in demand or procurement planning and in S&OP. waySuite enables you to recognize and exploit this potential. You can use waySuite to reduce throughput times, inventories, and set-up times, and also to reduce the effort required for planning. AI handles the routine tasks.
You should not have to deal with processing missing parts or backorders: waySuite automatically resolves conflicts with its intelligent algorithms. By automating regular planning tasks, you can focus on clarifying specific planning situations.

Benefits for your processes

  • Reduced planning costs
  • Shorter throughput times
  • Inventory optimization
  • Unburdening from routine activities
  • No more troubleshooting

Cross-project planning transparency with wayPRO

The next dimension in project planning

Individual customer requests should also be fulfilled in complex projects; that’s the goal and nevertheless always a challenge. To achieve this, the various basic conditions, including delivery dates, resource planning, and operative project management have to be perfectly attuned to one another. With valantic’s wayPRO software module, you get easy, quick mapping of this multi-project planning.

All projects are saved centrally in wayPRO, processed in real time, and thus available to all planners at any time. If different projects access the same resources, wayPRO reveals dependencies and identifies scheduling and capacity conflicts. Project managers can therefore concentrate on their essential work, plan projects realistically, prioritize decisions, and reveal alternatives for action.

Efficient workforce management with wayWFM

Here's how to optimize your personnel and shift planning

In project management and especially in production planning, the right allocation of resources and capacities can cause projects to succeed or fail. Employees are another important, special resource. Employees cannot simply be planned in at will. Different qualifications, work time models, overtime accounts, labor law requirements, vacation planning, trainings, sick days, and much more make the allocation of personnel capacities complex. At the same time, agile, order-oriented production requires flexible deployment of personnel.

valantic’s modern workforce management solution way WFM helps users plan personnel deployment efficiently and clearly. Incorporated into waySuite, wayWFM offers extensive workforce management functionalities for automatic, optimized assignment of personnel resources taking into account demand, qualifications, and capacities.

Overview of all important supply chain KPIs with wayKPI

Here’s how to create, visualize, and report KPIs

With the business intelligence tool wayKPI, companies get an overall view of the performance of their whole supply chain with company-specific KPIs. wayKPI offers all tools required for creating, visualizing, analyzing, and reporting KPIs. With KPI cockpits, users can get an overview of their KPIs and their development at any time on any end user device. They can use KPI dashboards to analyze their KPIs and data down to the individual document and from every point of view. Reports can be configured according to their wishes and specifications. wayKPI’s report generator handles the regular updating and distribution of the reports.

The direct connection to wayRTS with pre-configured KPIs quickly ensures sufficient transparency with regard to the degree of implementation of the planning results in the relevant departments.

Supply chain communication with wayCOM

That's why standardization and automation increase the efficiency of production and the supply chain

With wayCOM, companies not only digitalize their workflows, they also increase efficiency by standardizing and automating the accompanying communication. With wayCOM, users specify which information should flow where and which documentation is created for this. Users define very flexibly which business events trigger which automatic measures. This way, errors and omissions in the operational information flow can be prevented and the transparency of processes increases – automatically, without any additional effort.

Successful Forecasts and Automated Dispo Data Maintenance with wayDDO

Precise, high-performance planning reliability in disposition and procurement

waDDO (Demand & Dispo Optimization) is the forecasting and dispo data tool of the Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) software waySuite from valantic. wayDDO enables the forecasting of future demands and automation of the dispo data management through a high performing mathematical algorithm. The software includes a variety of predefined parameters and can be adapted to individual customer requirements. By using wayDDO, costs in procurement and production can be reduced, procurement and disposition planning can be optimized and a higher degree of automation can be achieved.

wayDDO uses state-of-the-art procedures to meet the different requirements of the companies. For short-term forecasts, forecasts of spontaneous demand or the identification of longer-term trends, different algorithms are optimally suited in each case. The selection of the optimal procedure is automated. Alternatively, the selection can also be done in an uncomplicated way by the decision maker and dispatcher.

Twelve success criteria for the selection of an aps system

High-performance, graphic process visualization:

Complex value-creation processes are depicted graphically and can be reduced to critical paths with powerful filter criteria. The user interface of an advanced planning and scheduling system (APS) is oriented according to MS-Office systems so that there is hardly any learning curve for planners who are used to working with Microsoft products.

Great performance gains thanks to in-memory and real-time technology

Even very high volumes of data are kept completely in the very fast working memory for access in real time. A planner’s changes are therefore calculated in real time across all production levels and they are visible to other planners right away. Another advantage: All processes remain synchronous across production levels.

The greatest possible transparency

All value-creating processes in pre-production, production, and procurement are integrated seamlessly. There are no breaks between the planning levels for rough and fine planning. With the process results: perfect adherence to schedules and productivity, shorter throughput times, and optimized warehouse inventories.

Degree of automation can be selected

Depending on the existing data quality, the degree of automation is selected accordingly. This way, sensible planning is possible even with lower-quality data. At the same time, you can see where the data quality has to be improved. The task management system distributes tasks independently and across departments; the tasks are generated by defined events.


No 0815 standard system from the rack – with the extensions they select, companies can create their best-fit solution flexibly.

Cross-project planning transparency

Multi-project planning identifies scheduling and capacity conflicts, if, for example, several projects access the same resources. An alert function points out conflicts.

What-if scenarios in real time

With the high-performance scenario technology, the user generates a copy of the planning environment ad hoc in order to play through alternative what-if scenarios and optimize business KPIs.

Workforce management

A WM planning module automatically assigns the available personnel in engineering and production to the personnel requirements determined, taking into account characteristics such as qualification and attendance. If necessary, personnel data from ERP or HR systems can be taken over individually.

KPI cockpits

Display an overview of all individual and pre-configured KPIs everywhere and on any end user devices. With KPI dashboards, users analyze their up-to-date KPIs and data down to the individual document (drill-down).

KPI designer

This is the central tool for key users. With it, they configure their KPI calculation and specify when traffic lights should light up green, yellow or red.

Detailed, precise reporting

The report generator handles all common formats such as PDF, HTML, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel and simplifies the creation of weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports for planners. Good reporting provides the basis for continuous improvement.

Efficient interplay

It has been proven that only the optimally attuned interplay of process, organization, personnel, and IT planning tools secure the greatest possible success for a company.


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