Profit from transactional data across all channels

Retail success thanks to omnichannel integration

Thanks to omnichannel integration, retailers can capitalize on the potential of their transactional data from all channels.

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Omnichannel retailing creates transactional mass data – a treasure trove with enormous potential. It can be exploited with valantic cs4OmnichannelHub. Our pre-configured, modular solution based on SAP Customer Activity Repository (SAP CAR) for omnichannel integration provides a compact, out-of-the-box platform for analyzing and processing data from all channels. Starting from day one, companies benefit from end-to-end processes associated with SAP S/4HANA, SAP Business Intelligence, and SAP Commerce.

valantic cs4OmnichannelHub

The highlights at a glance

Ready to go quickly

The template is ready to go quickly; pre-configured processes can be prototyped and adapted individually

Integration with SAP S/4HANA

Well-connected: Integration with SAP S/4HANA and other SAP and non-SAP ERP systems

Scalable integration of sales channels

More flexibility in omnichannel

Cross-channel availability check

Increased transparency wwith omnichannel article availability & sourcing (OAA)

Centralized control

Omnichannel promotion pricing (OPP): Centralized control of cross-channel offers and promotions

On-shelf availability (OSA)

Identify out-of-stock situations early

POS data transfer & audit (DTA)

Targeted use of cash register data

Transactional data analysis across channels

Getting a comprehensive picture of the customer’s shopping behavior

Unified demand forecast (UDF)

Predicting future customer demand

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”It quickly became clear that there were different systems that could fit the bill. ComSol (now valantic) – with its pre-configured templates and pragmatic approach – has provided us with crucial security, so we chose SAP. Selecting ComSol was the right decision and a major success factor for our project.“


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”We spent two years working intensively on this extremely complex project and we experienced many ups and downs together. Our partner ComSol (now valantic) always supported us professionally in these two years and we are proud that we can count on such an expert team.“

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Unleash the potential of transactional data

Reaching customers across multiple sales channels and offering them a consistent shopping experience is not a guarantee of success in retail. To realize the potential of omnichannel business, companies should leverage the transactional mass data that it creates. valantic cs4OmnichannelHub enables comprehensive omnichannel integration, allowing data from all channels to be evaluated for different purposes. Our pre-configured analysis platform based on SAP CAR is ready for use as a template, it can be adapted to individual requirements, and expanded modularly as required.

From day one, retail companies benefit from end-to-end processes in conjunction with SAP S/4HANA, SAP BI, and SAP Commerce. All processes can be prototyped and therefore adapted to individual requirements. The implementation of the solution can be accelerated further with the valantic csMethodology agile project methodology designed for this purpose.

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Omnichannel article availability & sourcing (OAA)

Companies can use omnichannel article availability & sourcing (OAA) to provide their customers with real-time inventory information in the online store, optimize shipping and delivery, and reduce costs. Sources of supply can be defined for specific sales channels and available shipping capacities considered. Sources of supply can be combined into networks and a search strategy defined. This makes it possible to use resources and capacities in the best possible way for activities in the online shop.

Retail companies can display inventory and real-time stock from the supply network for their customers in the online shop. This includes both purchasing processes from the customer check-out that have not yet been placed in the ERP system and supplier inventories. This means that customers always see the actual quantities available. OAA supports the “Click & Ship” and “Click & Collect” e-commerce scenarios.

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Omnichannel promotion pricing (OPP)

With omnichannel promotion pricing, retail companies plan and control their offerings centrally for all sales channels and make them available to the points of sale via standardized interfaces. The consistent costing logic across channels ensures consistent end-sale pricing across all channels. The central approach simplifies and speeds up both the introduction of new pricing rules and the systematic provision of offers, such as for individual channels, stores, days, and times.

Optional local installation also allows OPP to scale for channels with high transactional volumes while relieving the burden on central systems. This way, companies can offer a comfortable omnichannel shopping experience and increase customer satisfaction. OPP is ready to go quickly, significantly reducing implementation and testing costs.

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On-shelf availability (OSA)

Retail companies are smart to identify out-of-stock situations in which an ordered product is no longer available early on and to counteract these with appropriate measures. This reduces the risk of lost opportunities that can cause lost sales and image damage by disappointing customer expectations. Analyzing transaction data and using it for scheduling and personnel deployment planning prevents revenue-damaging shelf gaps.

Whether in an analytical or operational scenario: On-shelf availability (OSA) in valantic cs4OmnichannelHub helps companies avoid these gaps. Metrics such as lost transactions and lost sales can be used to identify process weaknesses and initiate optimization measures.

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Use POS data with POS DTA and PIPE

Much more than just a piece of paper – every receipt includes data about items, prices, point of sale (POS), and sellers, as well as valuable information about the customer, such as customer loyalty programs and voucher codes. Therefore, retail companies benefit from using the information from POS transactions and being able to access stores’ current receipt and inventory data directly via the central SAP system. valantic cs4OmnichannelHub makes this possible with POS Data Transfer & Audit (POS DTA, formerly: POS DM) and POS Inbound Processing Engine (PIPE). This is how companies can process, evaluate, aggregate, and provide cash register data for further functions and applications in a valid and high-performance manner. Detailed documentation ensures audit security and transparency. Transaction data is maintained on a very granular level, but it can also be aggregated before being shared and evaluated. Real-time inventory queries are also possible.

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Transactional data analysis across channels

valantic cs4OmnichannelHub is an operational data warehouse and analysis platform that helps harmonize and evaluate transactional data across channels. This way, companies can easily and quickly determine which category of goods is in demand on which sales channel, which items are sold together most frequently, and how a product’s sales data has developed in comparison to the forecast. These analyses are possible both periodically at the change of month or season and ad hoc in real time.

The cross-channel harmonization of transaction data, such as from cash registers, from the web shop, or from the ERP, enables a uniform view of this data. Multichannel transaction data management (MDTM) can be used to analyze and process this data in granular, aggregated, and enriched forms. This provides a comprehensive picture of the customer’s shopping behavior, which supports, among other things, the planning of customer-specific offers (next best offer). With valantic cs4OmnichannelHub, companies can lay the foundation for maximizing revenue.

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Unified demand forecast (UDF)

Unified demand forecast can be used to predict future customer demand based on cross-channel sales data. Holidays, sales, events, and other factors that may affect demand are taken into account. It is also possible to define your own influencing factors. In the event of events such as a store opening or the launch of a new product, companies can accurately determine the quantities required using reference locations and products.

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