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SAP Analytics Cloud

What is the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)?

The SAP Analytics Cloud is an Advanced Analytics Platform that combines visualization and analysis of your data with forecasting and planning functions, all in a single application. This enables you to take the step from business intelligence to business analytics.

With the SAP Analytics Cloud as your analysis and planning tool, you can not only report figures, you can also generate insights!
If you want to make decisions, you need facts and information in clear forms and displays. As complex and multi-layered as the data’s path from collection to reporting may be, in the end, what matters is a clear, meaningful visualization. This is where customers trust IBCS. Furthermore, the Smart Discovery and Smart Insights machine learning functions integrated into the SAP Analytics Cloud help a great deal with analyses. New insights can flow directly into your planning models or be used for forecasts and target-actual comparisons so that you can always keep an eye on your company’s status quo and increase your reaction speed.

Table of contents

Table of contents

Key Features off the SAP Analytics Cloud


Create your own dashboards and applications with the self-service approach. There are many different chart types, geo maps, and possibilities for IBCS-compliant display available by default. Supplemented by custom widgets and R visualization, there are practically no limits to what you can do.

Data Discovery

Thanks to smart algorithms and native live connections to your SAP systems, you will deliver precise and consistent data.

In addition, the machine learning features and natural language processing support automated value-driver analyses.


With integrated planning functions, you can incorporate your data optimally and customize it thanks to business-typical semantics, currency conversions, and accounting logic. A frequent use case is strategic financial planning with your partial plans.

Smart Predict

The in-memory technology of SAP HANA and guided machine learning are available for time series analyses, classifications, and evaluation of the results. Use the insights gained in planning, simulation, and reports.

Insights into the SAP Analytics Cloud

Business Intelligence with the SAP Analytics Cloud

With the SAP Analytics Cloud, you increase your business intelligence maturity. Thanks to the live connection, you get your figures in real time and you can analyze imported data in high-performance fashion with the in-memory technology of the HANA platform. In the visualization, you can share simple dashboards, use standards such as IBCS or create and customize your own applications with the Application Designer. Furthermore, with Smart Insights and Smart Discovery, there are various machine learning functions available, which provide additional analyses.

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