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Triad SAP Global Trade Solutions, valantic SAP GTS

SAP Global Trade Services (SAP GTS)

Control global trade compliance and manage worldwide supply chains

High flexibility, speed, transparency, efficiency and process control are the requirements of modern companies to foreign trade management. Intelligent and integrative solutions are necessary and required to map holistic, continuous and coordinated processes.

SAP Global Trade Services (SAP GTS) is the most flexible & sophisticated trade management platform on the market. It helps companies to automate, centralize and manage global trade compliance requirements. With SAP GTS, business requirements for import and export management, preference management, as well as customs procedures can be covered. SAP Global Trade Services can be easily integrated to SAP ERP.

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Integrated solutions in foreign trade management

  1. Sanction List Check

    SAP GTS supports global sanctions list checks in the areas of sales, finance, HR, procurement and distribution. If the check lands a hit during a transaction, SAP GTS locks the document for immediate review. So-called worklists enable efficient processing of blocked documents and questionable entries can be escalated via user-friendly workflows.

  2. Export Management

    To guarantee compliant and efficient export management, SAP GTS can be linked to core logistics processes. The solution supports daily challenges in the areas of product classification, sanction list checking, administration and determination of export licenses, as well as the checking of embargoes. SAP GTS can be easily connected to multiple government customs systems via a certified interface.

  3. Import Management

    With integration in procurement and inbound logistics processes, Import Management continues to provide support for product classification, sanctions list review, licensing and customs administration. In addition, the Importer Security Filing (ISF) can be performed and a connection to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Automated Broker Interface (ABI) can be established.

  4. Real-Time Compliance Checks

    It is possible to perform compliance checks in real time with the holistic integration of SAP GTS in the ordering and shipping processes in ERP. As a result, you can move your products as quickly as possible, thus gaining a competitive advantage over potential competitors.

  5. Support for Special Customs Procedures

    SAP GTS offers you the best solutions for comprehensively fulfilling customs requirements such as foreign trade zones, customs warehouses, processing trade, processing of active/ passive refinement and processing under customs control, as well as Intrastat.

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Added value of SAP Global Trade Services (SAP GTS)

SAP GTS helps you to reduce risks, time and costs

Accelerate Cross-Border Transactions

acceleration of customs clearance and delivery times

Increase efficiency

automated, standardized processes and integration in logistics processes

Reduce Risk of non-compliance with Global Trade Regulations

avoiding high fines and penalties and complete and accurate logging of all business transactions for audits

Reduction of total cost of ownership

central customs- and foreign trade solution and lower costs for software and hardware

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