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Optimized SAP production planning with PP/DS

SAP PP/DS enables comprehensive production planning and detailed scheduling, even with specific restrictions and in exceptional situations – ensuring optimal resource utilization, short throughput times, high on-time delivery. The solution integrated in SAP S/4HANA can be seamlessly connected with other SAP modules.

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Optimizing production planning with SAP PP/DS

Meeting delivery deadlines is a must for production companies – even with complex production processes and networks. This requires precise planning of production and detailed scheduling of production orders as well as resources, materials, and capacities. With SAP Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (SAP PP/DS), companies have a powerful tool at their fingertips. Integrated into SAP S/4HANA or used side by side with the SAP ERP Central Component Version EHP 6 or later, it enables comprehensive and flexible production and scheduling. It ensures that production targets are achieved even with specific restrictions and in exceptional situations. We provide comprehensive support for establishing a powerful planning solution. As a multi-award-winning SAP partner for the digital supply chain, valantic assists you with all phases of your project – from strategy consulting to implementation and hypercare support.

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Optimizing production planning with SAP PP/DS

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The key benefits of SAP PP/DS at a glance

SAP production planning – stable and flexible at the same time

SAP PP/DS enables precise planning and control of complex production processes in real time. SAP Production Planning provides a detailed view of resources, such as machines, labor, and suppliers, so planners can identify and avoid capacity bottlenecks early on. In addition, they are able to react flexibly to last-minute changes in demand or in the production process. By combining planning accuracy and flexibility, the solution helps companies optimize production processes and achieve their goals. They thus increase their ability to deliver on time as well and their customer satisfaction, they optimize the utilization of machines and employees, avoid bottlenecks, and reduce costs.

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Powerful planning and scheduling capabilities

With SAP PP/DS, planners have two powerful components at their disposal. With the Production Planning component, you can perform detailed planning that takes into account both material requirements and capacities. Here, the tool proposes the appropriate production quantities on the best possible resource or on the correctly assigned contract processor and supplier – taking into account restrictions such as machine and personnel availability or the shelf life of raw materials. The detailed planning component helps planners sequence and schedule the proposed orders in the best possible way, according to various criteria. The use of innovative heuristics and algorithms makes it possible to optimize production plans according to various criteria, for example in order to minimize setup and cleaning times.

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The main functionalities of the SAP PP/DS

The main functionalities of the SAP PP/DS

The latest PP/DS technology provides the state-of-the-art and specialty planning functions​.

S/4HANA Integration: Detailed planning and execution hand in hand

Thanks to the complete integration of SAP embedded PP/DS into SAP S/4HANA, a seamless transition from detailed production planning to production execution is possible. The solution can be activated with customizing in SAP S/4HANA. Master data such as material masters and workplaces can be activated selectively by setting a flag for detailed planning and optimization; master data authority remains in the SAP Core. It is possible to use PP/DS step-by-step, since all materials do not have to be marked immediately with the label, but only for critical materials or bottleneck resources. In addition, SAP S/4HANA production data is transferred back in real time in PP/DS, so that the planning can track the current status of production execution at any time. This enables planners to react in time to deviations in time in order to avoid bottlenecks for customer delivery.

Our valantic services for your optimized planning

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We offer a wide range of services custom – tailored to your needs

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    Excellence Workshop

    Get a comprehensive overview of the functionalities and potential of SAP PP/DS and possible interfaces to other SAP solutions with our experts. Visualize your current planning challenges and work with us to create your individual implementation roadmap.

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    Proof of Concept

    Get a detailed picture of your organization and its production and detailed planning processes. Let us specify your business requirements and get an idea of future operations in SAP PP/DS and the added value for your company.

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    Master Data Readiness Check

    Create the basis for your successful SAP PP/DS implementation project and ensure the required quality of your planning-relevant master data. We will work with you in advance to analyze and validate data, so that there is sufficient time for any review measures. This avoids incorrect master data that can lead to incorrect planning results, unworkable production plans, or system cancellations of planning runs.

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    Get a comprehensive assessment of your current production planning processes and IT infrastructure. By designing or redesigning your processes, SAP PP/DS enables you to take advantage of your SAP toolchain. Profit from our tailored roll-out services, including change management, training, and detailed plans for a global roll-out, and get started with your efficient and optimized SAP production planning.

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