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Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management (DAM) is a core discipline of modern data management. It’s about centrally aggregating media files, tagging them with meta-data, converting them and making them available to different stakeholders. DAM is the ideal choice for this – and we're happy to explain why.

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DAM – strategic process & key technology

Whether it’s images, 3D files, office documents or videos – at valantic, we understand DAM as two things: on the one hand, as a strategic process and, on the other hand, as technology or application. For us, your company’s asset management is the key to digital transformation. We help you open the corresponding lock and thus the gateway to a successful future.

Why DAM? Our top 3 benefits

Central data storage, a consistent brand presence and round-the-clock data access: For us at valantic, these are the three key benefits that speak for professional digital asset management (DAM).

Digital transformation strategies often fail because of isolated and scattered low-quality data. But there is an effective solution to this problem: DAM. With digital asset management, all digital data is consolidated in one central location. This increases process efficiency and enables constant data availability across the enterprise. However, digital asset management applications are not only capable of collecting digital assets, but also managing, translating and enhancing them.

Many initiatives regarding digital asset management have the main goal of brand consistency – and in our eyes, this is important. The rationale: Only when consumers know and trust a brand will they make a purchase. A consistent brand experience is thus the basic prerequisite for customers to "warm up" to your company. With DAM, you reach your desired audience at the right time and in the right (digital) place, as they say. The DAM system includes all assets that need to be available around the clock – such as logos, brochures, images, videos and texts.

Your assets can be as well sorted as can be – if they are not accessible at all times, order alone will do you little good. A DAM system ensures that all your documents are available around the clock and around the world. The process is as follows: All media assets are first cataloged in the central repository, translated and supplemented with metadata. Then they are tagged and, in a final step, made findable. Depending on defined workflows and user rights, the assets are retrievable from this point on.

DAM by valantic

With valantic, you move your digital asset management to the center of digital experience management. Any type and any amount of digital assets can be easily integrated, consolidated and managed. Because: We earn our money every day with solutions that are high-performing, scalable and secure. Customer-specific developments based on world-leading technology stacks ensure optimum performance. There is not much more to say than: Raise the curtain – on our core DAM technologies!

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