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Customer feedback thrives on reciprocity. In the digital era, the shift from sender-receiver to constant data flow unveils a treasure: actively listening to and acting upon customer feedback is paramount in nurturing customer relationships.

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More than just 5-star ratings

Customer feedback – a multi-layered gift

Customer feedback is similar to customer satisfaction and characterized by a multi-dimensional non-linearity. The “digital now” offers opportunities in this area that never existed before. With powerful ways to monitor, understand and translate customer satisfaction into relationship-building actions: That’s customer feedback!

Schematic representation of customer feedback elements

It is important to record customer feedback at granular levels, such as individual journey steps, in order to be able to make statements about the entire buyer/customer journey. This is the only way to understand the underlying, complex psychological processes – by comparing subjective experiences and expectations.

The best approach is to rely on tangible data

Feedback KPIs


The net promoter score (NPS) measures the likelihood that customers will recommend you to others and thus predicts business growth. This metric has been tried and tested and is now a key measure of customer experience.


The customer effort score (CES) is used to measure the ease of an experience with an organization. Customers are asked to rate the ease of use of products or services.


The customer satisfaction score (CSAT) is a commonly used performance indicator that helps determine customer satisfaction but is more of a lightweight metric used alongside NPS and CES.

Customer feedback must be taken seriously! If not all areas – from product development to customer service – are covered, there is potential for optimization.

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Nils Weber, Managing Director and Partner at valantic

Nils Weber