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Contract Management under control

Secure contract management is commonly regarded as a solid foundation for the success of a company’s business activities. Nearly all departments – from purchasing and sales to controlling and executive management – benefit from it.

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Performant and reliable contract management software such as cuContract minimizes risks such as missed deadlines, budget overruns, excessive turnaround times and insufficient authorization and processing procedures, thereby laying the foundation for business success.

The contract management software cuContract enhances efficiency and the ability to plan and manage the entire company and lets risks and financial decisions be controlled to an extent that was barely possible before. All in all, this engenders enormous saving potential.

Product Sheet: Contract Management

Product sheet: Contract Management in SAP with cuContract

The contract management system cuContract manages all types of contracts such as supplier, personnel, leasing, participation contracts, etc. incl. all related information during the entire life cycle in an audit-proof…

Download product sheet for more about contract management Download product sheet for more about contract management

cuContract at a glance

  • Holistic management of contract files, contract data and documents
  • Automated appointment and deadline management
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Document drag & drop function
  • Integrated follow-up feature and automated e-mail reminders
  • Task management and workflows
  • 100% MS Office and MS SharePoint integrated
  • SAP ERP- and S/4HANA-enabled
  • Use of a DMS and optical archive via ArchiveLink
  • Workplace scanning with OCR text recognition
  • Importing of e-mails, including attachments, and integration of the contents from SAP systems into/from MS Outlook
  • Digital signatures
  • cuDocument Builder for the automatic creation of standard correspondence and contracts
  • Logical linking of related contracts; automatic matching and generation of bookings and invoices to/for contracts
  • Matching of any other SAP business objects to contracts
  • Risk management, business-partner and supplier evaluation, pre- and re-qualification
  • Invoice inspection and booking in a single operation with allocation to the relevant cost centers, projects etc.
  • Available in many other languages besides English (default) and German
  • Barrier-free
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Claudia Bock
Project Leader, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

”A special added value that the cuContract solution offers BSH is also its integrated digital signature feature that enables us to further expedite our sales processes.“

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Active contract management

The contract management software cuContract lets employees manage every type of agreement, including all the associated documentation, in an audit-proof manner. The software covers every phase of the contractual lifecycle – from inquiry, tender, offer and contractual conclusion to controlling, termination and orderly destruction.

Analytic options, including spend analytics, determine contractual commitments and payment obligations for any future time period. The impact of targeted contract terminations on e.g. the liquidity plan and annual financial statement can be easily simulated and enable improved decision making.

No more missed appointments or deadlines

The integrated Event Agent notes appointments and deadlines, informs the responsible employee by e-mail and can automatically initiate downstream processing if necessary.

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Transparency and full control

The central, structured storage of all contracts and related information means that every employee works with the latest data throughout the company. This improves transparency and also eliminates time-consuming requests for documents from e.g. other departments or branches.

Use of the contract management software cuContract allows executives, managing directors and decision makers to ensure that their contract management complies with the requirements of national and international legislations such as KonTraG, BilMoG, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, IFRS and GDPR. cuContract not only documents and archives everything in an audit-proof manner, but also includes comprehensive risk management features for identifying and minimizing risks early on.

Marc Braun
Head of Legal Department at Engelhard Arzneimittel

”We now have a full overview of the company’s contractual situation and are able to meet all deadlines.“

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Electronic contract file & automated document creation

In the integrated electronic contract file, employees can not only store documents using drag & drop, and search them using full text search; the file also offers comprehensive additional features that support contract management, contract controlling and contract administration: Version control and version comparison, for example, allow a document’s development and changes to be tracked at a glance, even years later.

Documents can be generated quickly and easily in cuDocument Builder, even allowing clerks without a legal background to create contract documents and other documents automatically in MS Office. In doing so, placeholders are set manually, or automatically if they have already been defined in the SAP system. The cuDocument Builder thus minimizes errors and significantly cuts working time.

100% integration of Microsoft applications

Microsoft applications and the cuContract contract management system complement each other perfectly, letting you store documents and information from MS Office applications directly in the electronic file at the push of a button. You can also import any e-mail, including all its attachments and formatting, from MS Outlook into the file with a single click, as well as send e-mails from the file itself.

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Digital signatures

Electronic signatures save a great deal of time and effort when signing contracts and documents. cuSmarText HR gives your employees access to proven technologies such as the DocuSign solution that is available for the web, as a mobile version and offline. It lets you create, manage, sign and archive contracts and contractually relevant documents in a legally secure manner within the SAP contract management system cuContract. Alternatively, signotec pen pads and tablet PCs can also be used for signing documents. All variants are fully integrated into the cuSolutions.

Guaranteed GDPR-compliant

cuContract’s fine-grain access and authorization functionality ensures that employees work in compliance with GDPR. Rights, viewing and data accesses are strictly regulated according to roles and company divisions and only those data which are absolutely necessary are retained. Upon expiry of the data retention period, the system deletes the relevant personal documents and data records based on rules, either semi-automatically after verification by the authorized employee or fully automatically.

SAP Certified Integration with RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

SAP ERP and S/4HANA integration

The contract management system cuContract, which is available in two integrated variants – for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA – integrates seamlessly and conveniently. The software ist certified with “SAP Certified – Integration with RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud“. The contract management solution can be implemented both within a legacy SAP environment as well as in the form of a stand-alone contract server that creates references to other SAP system installations.

Product Sheet: Contract Management

Product sheet: Contract Management in SAP with cuContract

The contract management system cuContract manages all types of contracts such as supplier, personnel, leasing, participation contracts, etc. incl. all related information during the entire life cycle in an audit-proof…

Download product sheet for more about contract management Download product sheet for more about contract management

Project plan for the implementation of cuContract

The implementation of the contract management software cuContract follows clearly defined and customized project steps.

During a first kickoff meeting with valantic experts the project gets structured. This is followed by installation and setup of the standard software. In workshops the individual needs of the users are identified and described in a written concept, followed by an individual customizing by valantic. Key users are trained and introduced to all functions of the software, even before the contract management goes live.

Our experts will be available at all time for technical support or questions and can also make adjustments and extensions if the users’ needs change.

valantic project plan as a roadmap

Your contact for questions about contract management

Portrait of Stefan Heins, Managing Director at valantic Enterprise Solutions GmbH

Stefan Heins

Managing Director
valantic Enterprise Solutions GmbH