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Customer Relationship Management on point

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the essential backbone for sales, marketing, and customer service, ensuring sustainable and efficient management of customer relationships. Discover the specific capabilities and benefits of valantic’s CRM system for enhanced customer engagement.

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Goal-oriented interaction & efficient self-management Customer relationship management

Customers with their diverse needs and the relationship with them – when it comes to customer relationship management, the name says it all. The goal is to attract and retain customers with the help of the most comprehensive information possible. Always in line with our holistic 360-degree approach.


To create a seamless user experience across all channels and touchpoints, we have to work and act across all departments.

Sales, customer service, and marketing: Integrated processes are also coming into focus beyond these customer-facing departments – along the entire value chain. CRM is thus a central element of a customer-centric system landscape. In this context, we like to speak of customer managed relationships as a further development of classic CRM.

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The famous "thinking outside the box"

CRM = the digital future of customer relationships

Our CRM experts know: How well customer engagement works depends, among other things, on the digital “maturity level” of a company. In this context, a whole series of relevant questions arise:

  • What value does digitalization create for my customer relationships?
  • How does digitalization make the various departments in my company faster, better and more successful?
  • How can I ensure that my team uses the digital tools provided?
  • How do I offer my customers added value through digitalization?
  • Which customer expectations can I fulfill (only) through digitalization?


As you can see: In order to answer these questions, it is necessary to think outside the box. As a digital solution, valantic CX recommends comprehensive customer relationship management to …

steer business in the right direction: define key figures and a common picture of the customer.

win orders: follow the strategy and keep an eye on success patterns.

work effectively and efficiently: focus on customers with the highest potential and establish standard processes.

achieve growth: define, plan and implement goals and results.

retain customers: for instance, via up- and cross-selling.

There is a lot to be said for CRM systems Why CRM? Because!

You are not yet sure whether you need a CRM system? We are! Used correctly, CRM is much more than an efficient management tool. It is a cross-departmental measure that takes work off your hands and can even make the process more fun. Namely, when it comes to aspects such as gamification, predictive tools, or artificial intelligence.

The CRM systems by valantic contribute first and foremost to an inspiring user experience. Of course, this also has an effect on the customer experience. After all, satisfied employees in the areas of sales and marketing ultimately also make the end customers happy.

Advantages for companies

Pipeline management, sales funnel or analytics: With sales optimization by valantic – technologically based on state-of-the-art CRM – you’ll have access to relevant customer information at any time and from anywhere. This means that sales opportunities can be quickly identified and optimally exploited. Such strategic measures increase the productivity and efficiency of your activities.

Would you like a concrete example?

“As a sales representative, I want to spend less time planning visits and in the car – and more time focusing on the important things. Meeting business partners and customers and having constructive conversations.” Does this wish sound familiar? Unfortunately, the reality is often different. Good news: Certain tools in CRM can, for example, optimize tour planning in the field. This means that sales employees have more time for their customers.

Get to know Salesforce CRM technology
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As a general rule

CRM systems break down data silos by taking a cross-departmental approach. Thanks to end-to-end customer journeys, the right people are reached at the right time with the right message. And that ultimately leads to an increase in sales and earnings.

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Benefits for end customers

Customer relationships are constantly in flux. But regardless of whether it was then or now, online or offline: Customers want to be inspired. They want to experience something. And that is probably the greatest benefit of CRM for the end customer. It’s about digital experiences that create enthusiasm and sustainably increase customer satisfaction.

From customized offers to individual customer support: CRM systems allow you to design end-to-end customer journeys. So that every customer feels that their personal needs are taken seriously and understood.

Customer data, functional & reliable CRM with valantic CX

Do you want to advance your business? We want to do that, too! To achieve this, we rely on a holistic solution: Only an integrated CRM system creates a 360-degree view of relevant customer (data) across all touchpoints of the digital customer journey. Even industry-specific requirements such as authorization concepts or tender management in the process industry can be mapped in a CRM system.

Our valantic crew knows this – and is happy to tackle the topic of optimal customer engagement with you. The CRM functional scope includes:

  • integrated tools for sales automation, lead management, forecasting, cross-selling and e-commerce
  • sales pipeline and sales funnel
  • guided selling, i.e. success-driven sales, for example, in the form of guides for conversations
  • real-time customer analysis
  • location- and time-independent access to relevant information
  • information exchange between teams, departments as well as internal and external stakeholders
  • marketing campaigns: social media, e-mail and campaign management
  • personalization
  • activity management
  • customer service from call centers to field service management, for example, in the form of automatic recommendations for problem solving
  • trends: AI in CRM, e.g. forecasting, RPA, supporting chatbots, etc.

Are you looking for a comprehensive CRM solution?

Together we will find the perfect system for you. Not only that: Our holistic consulting will make you a reliable partner for your customer companies.

We know how to make a CRM project successful. And in our webinar, we will show you how automation and the use of digital assistants can improve user acceptance in customer relationship management.

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