The strategic 360-degree view for HR managers

SAP SuccessFactors with valantic

Finding and recruiting highly qualified specialists and retaining them long term is the goal of every HR management department.

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A fair salary, made-to-measure career planning and a great team that makes work a joy are just three factors among many. Young talents demand an individual, intuitive employee experience that is stimulating, gives them orientation and supports them like a good friend. What used to be human resources management has now become human experience management (HXM).

Image of the white paper: SAP SuccessFactors

White paper: SAP SuccessFactors

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All the benefits at a glance

SAP SuccessFactors aligns HR management with the corporate strategy to drive more growth over the medium to long term. The full-service cloud suite that is seamlessly integrated into SAP boosts employee motivation and productivity and strengthens employee loyalty to the company, while significantly reducing staff churn.

Based on data-driven insights from all HR processes, SuccessFactors helps HR managers make faster and better decisions. The suite pays for itself on average after 18 months (source: Forrester Consulting 2019: SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite).

New Work requires digital transformation across all HR processes. valantic’s SuccessFactors consultants thus see themselves primarily as strategy and process consultants – enabling your employees to fully develop their potential and contribute optimally to your company’s success.

New Work needs Human Experience Management

What this means for strategic HR management is that the time of stand-alone processes is categorically over. HR managers need an integrated HR suite that gives them a holistic 360-degree view of all phases of the employee lifecycle – from recruiting, onboarding and talent management to training and succession planning. HR managers need an HR suite like SAP SuccessFactors.

The six benefits of SAP SuccessFactors for employees and HR managers.


Simple, intuitive user interface for your employees

Responsive design

Access to your HR data from any device: laptop, smartphone or tablet

Globally connected

Keep an eye on all your employees and locations and connect your staff


Pay for a flexible license in line with your growth strategy


Adapt your system agilely as per your individual needs and ongoing HR trends

Simplified administration

Save time with simple administration and management of your HR topics

SuccessFactors is one of the world’s leading full cloud solutions for all HR topics, with over 6,750 companies and 100 million users currently relying on SAP’s HR software every day. The suite consists of nine modules that can either run as stand-alone components or be combined and booked cumulatively from the cloud depending on your operational needs.

valantic empower digital HR

Our SAP SuccessFactors Best Practices

With valantic Best Practices for SAP SuccessFactors, you get significant added value for your HR work – guaranteed.

Our solutions contain the leading practice configuration for SAP SuccessFactors Modules Employee Central, Recruiting, Performance & Goals and Succession & Development. With valantic empower digital HR you can shorten project duration, save costs and implement state-of-the-art processes. We provide a simple & easy project start with a pre-configured instance, process documentation and an easy launch plan. Additional extension can be purchased as building blocks. Extend the best practice processes according to your wishes and ideas and empower your digital HR.

Combined requirements

Our best practice consists of a wide variety of customer requirements that we have absorbed over many years.

Trends included

We integrate HR trends and market developments appropriately into our best practice solutions.

Expertise matters

Our consultants all have several years of professional experience in both, SuccessFactors consulting and within HR.

Stay current

Our best practice models are regularly updated regarding technology and security by our consultants.

Easier start

An implementation is only successful if we work together. That’s why our devise is to show you options and accompany you with their realization.

Lot of extensions

Profit even more from the cosmos of the valantic Group and have a look at our SuccessFactors/HCM apps and services.

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Price: 39.900€ Duration: 5 weeks

Employee Central

Digitalize your administrative processes and empower your HR with self-services for employees and managers.

As the foundation of SuccessFactors, Employee Central (EC) offers the possibility of optimally supporting HR processes and make self-services for managers and employees accessible. With a defined approval process, HR is always aware of what data has been changed and releases it. Our best practice master data solution optimizes employee communication and retention.

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Price: 29.900€ Duration: 5 weeks


Empower your recruiters and create a sustainable candidate experience.

Our best-practice approach in Recruiting will enable you to guide applicants even more efficiently through a predefined recruiting process in the future - from job approval to posting, application, and hiring. The process avoids long decision-making paths through precise digitization in order to hire and retain suitable candidates as quickly as possible. With the help of selected KPIs, you can also perform all necessary and supplementary evaluations directly in the system.

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Price: 29.900€ Duration: 4 weeks

Performance & Goals

Empower your employees with structured feedback forms and transparent goal setting.

Our best-practice approach in Performance & Goals enables transparent goal setting and goal assessment within the framework of structured feedback forms. In addition to process-driven feedback discussions, ad-hoc feedback can also be requested or sent. Employees can be objectively compared and evaluated in calibration sessions, from which individual development perspectives can be derived.

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Price: 19.900€ Duration: 4 weeks

Succession & Development

Empower your HR to make your talents visible and bring them into the spotlight.

Through our best-practice approach in the Succession & Development module, employees are empowered to independently track and update their development goals. Key positions can be identified and filled directly with a successor. Succession planning is supported by a targeted talent search, after which an individual development of potential successors can take place.

SAP SF Recruiting

Vacancies at German companies remain unoccupied for far too long, causing avoidable costs and lost revenue. While the average vacancy time was still only 95.7 days in May 2017, the period that HR managers needed to fill a new position had already increased to 130 days in May 2019 – a trend that is still rising.

With SAP SuccessFactors, HR managers post job ads on more than 3,000 platforms in over 80 countries. The application process can be analyzed at any time, also allowing recruiters to learn where the most suitable candidates for a position come from. At the same time, data-driven mailings, target group-specific landing pages and social media campaigns can be used to significantly boost the number of qualified applicants.

SAP SF Onboarding

Over 80 percent of all employees decide within the first six months whether they wish to stay at a company. This makes it all the more important to familiarize and train newly hired staff systematically in order to bind them to the organization. Also, the sooner the new colleague is brought up to speed, the lower the familiarization and initial training costs will be.

For HR managers, the module fulfills a leadership function, allowing them to set targets for the first 30, 60 or 90 days via an intuitive user interface.

Cross- & offboarding as part of Onboarding: The SuccessFactors Onboarding module also assists in task structuring when employees are assigned to new roles or leave the company, helping them to quickly settle into a new role or smoothing a handover when they leave.

Over 100 million users worldwide trust in SAP SuccessFactors.

> 6750

SAP SuccessFactors customers

> 100

million SuccessFactors users

> 1,2

billion supported transactions per day

SAP SF Employee Central

Employee Central is the administrative core of the SAP HCM Suite, the control desk for successful long-term HR planning. Whether personnel or organizational management, salary or time recording – Employee Central offers fast, high-performance support for your HR work, along with an intuitive user interface. The central control of all master data also enables HR managers to identify trends and minimize risks.

SAP SF Learning

The pressure of digital transformation is placing increased demands on employees and strategic HR management. Nowadays, employees must acquire – ever faster – new expertise precisely aligned with their work if they are to make a profit-oriented contribution to the company.

Self-service learning platforms – such as those of SuccessFactors – perfectly address the trends towards high mobility and flexibility. Teams can access digital learning content and exchange information on the go at any time. In this way, HR managers create an inspiring learning environment and promote a culture of continuous learning throughout the organization.

SAP SF Performance & Goals

Performance & Goals informs your employees at all times about their contribution to the company’s success. Performance can be accurately evaluated and compared. HR managers use defined templates to set smart goals and ensure that their team understands the corporate strategy and can implement it on a day-to-day basis.

The SuccessFactors Performance & Goals module lets team leaders and managers discriminatively encourage and challenge their employees and give them constructive feedback.

SAP SF Compensation

Salaries are naturally a matter of negotiation. But a fair and performance-linked compensation model contributes significantly towards boosting motivation and commitment. Employees will then be willing to go the “extra mile” and give their very best.

HR managers use the SuccessFactors Compensation module to set base salaries, bonuses and long-term performance incentives via an easy-to-use interface. At the heart of the module is a compensation profile that is linked to the master data. Besides being able to access each employee’s salary history, managers also receive recommendations as to which salary increases are appropriate for which career steps.

SAP SF Succession & Development

Experienced managers go into retirement and a successor must be appointed. As predictable as this may sound, succession planning is often put on the back burner and simply forgotten about. With the SuccessFactors Succession & Development module, HR managers are able to plan successions strategically, for example by the long-term promotion of suitable talent within the company. HR managers orient themselves by identifying which skills and talents are in demand, and where these are available in the organization. Reports and dashboards help improve the transparency and effectiveness of company-wide succession planning.

SAP SF Workforce Planning and Workforce Analytics

This SuccessFactors module marries strategic and operational workforce planning. Company-wide trends such as employee motivation, diversity, performance and churn can be identified and analyzed across cost centers and business units. With machine learning, for example, HR managers are able to identify with greater accurately which applicant and employee profiles best match a vacant position, making it easier to find the optimal match.

More information to SAP Analytics.

Whitepaper: HR Analytics and Reporting with SAP

HR Analytics and Reporting with SAP

Get an overview of how HR analytics and reporting with SAP can become a strategic data hub for the successful advancement of your business in this whitepaper.

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The JAM collaboration platform connects colleagues and is SAP’s performant alternative to Teams. It has the advantage of seamless integration into the SAP ecosystem and supports internal projects across department and company boundaries. Team members automatically receive status reports on projects, can share documents and see edits at a glance. This saves time and significantly improves the work results.

Cloud-based personnel record: SAP SuccessFactors integrated

valantic workdocs HR uses modern encryption technologies to ensure that personnel information is protected at all times.

The cloud-based personnel record targets SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central users and can be accessed with a single sign-on via SAP SuccessFactors. The cloud-based document management system valantic workdocs HR enables digital and efficient management of personnel documents at any time and from anywhere. This flexible access via cloud infrastructure enables faster responses to requests and revolutionizes the way HR departments work. Relevant information is just a click away and can also be viewed by authorized employees. In addition to archiving and managing personnel records and documents, it also offers a comprehensive solution for approval and signature processes. With the digital signature, documents can be signed online securely without the need for a face-to-face meeting or the exchange of paper documents. This optimizes workflows, saves time and costs and increases efficiency in every HR department. The security of highly sensitive HR data meets the highest standards. valantic relies on modern encryption technologies, access controls and activity logging.

valantic workdocs HR at a glance

Highest security standards in the cloud

Efficient process optimization in HR

Flexibility and accessibility

Sustainability thanks to digitalization

product sheet: valantic workdocs hr

Cloud-based personnel record valantic workdocs HR

The cloud-based document management valantic workdocs HR reduces administrative effort and increases the effectiveness of every HR department.

Download the valantic workdocs HR product sheet now and learn more! Download the valantic workdocs HR product sheet now and learn more!

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