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Our SAP Business Analytics Portfolio

We create added value from data

Our passion is analytics. We are a team of specialized consultants with many years of experience in consulting as well as in leading in-house positions at SAP user companies. We are curious about new technologies, break through established thought patterns, strive for valid data and are not afraid of complexity.

Many well-known companies rely on valantic’s SAP Analytics consulting. Below you will find a selection of our customers.

From data integration into the data warehouse with SAP BW/4HANA or SAP Datasphere to reporting and planning solutions with SAP Analytics Cloud:

We advise you on strategic issues, design and implement from A to Z, coach you and your team and take care of application management.

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Your guide: The 10 success factors for analytics projects

We would like to share our experience and expertise with you. Download our 10 success factors for analytics projects now!

Umsatz-Reporting mit SAP Analytics Cloud - Success Story Burgis
Exclusive Success Story of Burgis

BURGIS analyzes its sales thanks to comprehensive revenue reporting in SAP SAC

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valantic's SAP business analytics portfolio

Table of contents

What is SAP analytics?

Generate added value from data? This undertaking requires a clear, unambiguous definition of all participating elements. That’s why we will start with the basics: What is business analytics?

valantic defines business analytics as follows:

  • Analytics is the complete examination of data from a wide variety of business processes using operations, methods, and models.
  • Analytics generally begins with operative reporting in the company-wide ERP system, which supports daily work and processes in real time
  • Analytics also includes the classic topic business intelligence: here, data that relates to the past – regardless the source from which it comes, its granularity or dimensions – is prepared and transformed into meaningful information
  • The next stage building on business intelligence is the business analysis, that is, business analytics. Analytics adds information about the past to forecasting algorithms in order to determine possible future developments
View E-Paper SAP Analytics
E-Paper: SAP Analytics

Do you want to operate more efficiently, reduce costs and increase your sales? Clever business analytics creates the secure basis for this. How is this possible? Find out in our…


Analytics & reporting with SAP

Don’t just generate figures with analytics and reporting, generate insights

If you want to make decisions, you need facts and information in clear forms and displays. As complex and multi-layered as the data’s path from collection to reporting may be, in the end, what matters is a clear, meaningful visualization.

SAP Analytics Cloud

The SAP Analytics Cloud is the strategic product for visualizing and analyzing data. It also supports planning processes and forward-looking analyses, so-called predictive analytics.

Read more about SAP Analytics Cloud

Embedded analytics

Embedded analytics enable operative reporting in SAP S/4HANA. Evaluations are provided directly and without delays to the corporate processes.

Read more about Embedded analytics

SAP Business Objects & SAP Lumira

The on-premise alternative to SAP Analytics Cloud is SAP Business Objects. With the add-in SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office, users have a powerful tool for reporting with PowerPoint and Excel. With SAP Lumira, it’s possible to create extensive visualizations and report formats.

Whitepaper: HR Analytics and Reporting with SAP
HR Analytics and Reporting with SAP

Get an overview of how HR analytics and reporting with SAP can become a strategic data hub for the successful advancement of your business in this whitepaper.


Planning & predictive analytics with SAP

Bring planning and predictive analytics into line with reporting, regardless of the tool used

Planning is the “freestyle” analytics discipline. For no planning fits precisely and yet it is essential for the company to control business. Planning processes can be complex, for partial plans generally have very different horizons, degrees of detail, and influencing factors. However, in the end, the point is to have an agreed-upon, integrated overall plan in which all planning data is presented in a common context.

SAP Analytics Cloud

The SAP Analytics Cloud also supports planning thanks to ready-to-use planning models and various planning functions such as allocations, versioning, etc., which link actual reporting to forecasts and budgets. A special highlight is the value driver tree for simulating planning scenarios.

Read more about SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Business Planning & Consolidation

The SAP Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC) variants Standard (newly “optimized for S/4HANA”) and Embedded have different goals. SAP BPC Standard is normally used for small and medium-sized department-controlled planning and consolidation processes.  SAP BPC Embedded has a sharply centralized, IT-driven focus and is normally used for larger solutions.

Read more about SAP BPC

BW-Integrated Planning (BW-IP)

SAP BW-IP is an integrated environment within the business warehouse for recording plan figures, mapping planning processes, and linking them to the corresponding actual figures. With the help of numerous functions, plan figures can be converted, distributed, enriched, and validated, for example. In addition to SAP BPC and the SAP Analytics Cloud, many planning processes are supported by SAP BW-IP.  

Read more about SAP BW-IP


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Data warehouse with SAP

Get a grip on your data with the right data warehouse solution

A central data warehouse as single point of truth for the structured storage and evaluation of essential processes and data is still a central component of every IT architecture.


BW/4HANA is the latest generation of the classic SAP BW and is based completely on HANA technology. We help companies on their path to BW/4HANA and share our experience about greenfield, in-place, remote, and shell conversion with them.

Read more about SAP BW/4HANA


With the BW version on HANA, many users are already taking a big step toward BW/4HANA. In the process, they are enjoying the benefits of HANA technology and preparing themselves optimally for BW/4HANA.


SQL-based data warehouse solutions can be developed with SAP HANA. The potential of the HANA technology with all existing functions, the machine learning library, algorithms, and the integration of R, Python, etc. supports a whole series of new use cases.

Read more

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud / SAP Datasphere

In addition to a SAP BW/4HANA, the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud / SAP Datasphere is a sensible extension of an existing business analytics architecture. With this tool, departments have the possibility to incorporate new data sources and produce data models and their own evaluations independent of their IT department.

Read more about SAP Data Warehouse Cloud / SAP Datasphere

SAP BW – the end of maintenance is near

The SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) and Business Explorer Suite (BEx) have been in use for many years.

The maintenance window for SAP BW 7.5 remains open until 12/31/2027. If companies are using an SAP BW system older than 7.4, they are already out of maintenance since Dec. 31, 2020. We will be glad to help you with an upgrade on short notice.

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Data integration with SAP

The basis of every analysis is optimal data integration

Extracting data, transforming, cleansing, and loading it is the basis of every report and analysis. That’s why the harmonization of technology, business rules, and data quality are extremely important. The following tools can offer you professional support.


Smart Data Access & Smart Data Integration

Smart Data Access (SDA) and Smart Data Integration (SDI) are part of the new generation of data integration tools and used with the HANA technology. SDA is used for virtual access to data. SDI expands functions to include replication and transformation.


Core Data Services

The Core Data Services views are an exciting new possibility for querying data via logical views and evaluating it. Our focus is on using this data service in the SAP S/4HANA system in order to enable operative reporting and the forwarding of data to an SAP BW/4HANA.


SAP Data Intelligence

This platform focuses on Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning. Worth highlighting is the large selection of connectors to SAP and non-SAP systems. These can be used to orchestrate data streams and data governance initiatives company-wide supported with the metadata layer.


Data Services

With SAP Data Services, you have an established ETL tool in your business analytics portfolio. We have extensive experience with the implementation of complex data processing in SAP and non-SAP environments.

Read more about Data Services

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Our SAP business analytics offerings, blog posts and specialized reports

You’ll find a lot of knowledge about SAP business analytics and our customer projects in this sector in our blog posts, articles, and case studies.

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